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Everything Michael Chertoff says is a lie


Including the word "the."

We're going to continue to enforce the law. It's going to be tough. We don't really have the ability to enforce the law with respect to illegal work in this country in a way that's truly effective.


very word. A lie.

Examining each sentence in the homeland "security" secretary's scolding of our Senate for committing the high crime of representing its sole bosses' unmistakable will (Laura Ingraham), shows it to be a complete lie.

We're going to continue to enforce the law.

After reading that, you're probably thinking the name "Chertoff" must be Russian for "comedian." The actual meaning, however, is even more appropriate for our executive branch's resident Prince of Lies. It translates as "the Devil's own" or "The Damned" (you can't make this up; idiotarians' worst nightmare). So it isn't any wonder he can say with a straight face he'll "continue to enforce the law" while he knows this is going on:

"In one county alone in southern Arizona last year, 478,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border...." That's a lot of illegals, almost half a million, from only one county in one state. I'm guessing that when you factor in all the counties from all the border states over the years since the last amnesty, there are more than 12 million illegals in this country.

To those unrepentant millions, "enforcement" is going to continue to be the punch line to that sad joke known as a Department of so-called Homeland Security run by these clowns. Only he's sadly mistaken if he feels we don't know that his joke continues to be on us. We aren't deceived by this pathetic lie.

It's going to be tough.

The only way that can be true, mentirary Canardhuff, is if you continue to refuse to build any but the smallest portion of the 700-mile border fencing mandated by Act of Congress. How many miles are you up to now? Thirteen? This shows you're just sitting on the funding already appropriated by law for over half of it:

Although the Congressional Budget Office estimates it will cost $3.2 million a mile, Congress voted to hand DHS just $1.2 billion in fiscal year 2007 for construction; that would cover the cost of about 370 miles of fence, not 700.

No only that, you know your beloved Con-repulsive Invasion Restorm would've made your "job" so much tougher that calling it impossible deserves nothing short of a Nobel Prize for Understatement. As it stands now you'll just have to settle for sharing with lying "progressives" the one for prevarication.

We don't really have the ability to enforce the law with respect to illegal work in this country in a way that's truly effective.

The biggest lie of all.

In addition to the powers vested in the president during times of war and national emergency — and if out-of-control immigration exploitable by terrorist enemies who at this very moment are trying to infiltrate our country so they can attack us again isn't such emergency, then nothing is — Article IV, Section 4 of our Constitution says pointedly,

The United States... shall protect each of [the states in this Union] against Invasion.

Citizens or subjects of one or more foreign powers entering our states en masse without our express consent, amounting daily to a veritable army intent on permanent occupancy and even "reconquering" of our land, and directly inflicting on our civilian population numerous deaths and other heinous acts of violence as well as widespread economic, social, and governmental disruptions (none of which ever would have occurred but for their presence), is the very definition of "invasion."

It isn't necessary to that definition for the members of these ever growing armies to first don the formal military uniforms of any of those foreign powers before invading our country. The fact that a large portion of them, in their advances, do carry arms and use other deadly weapons to kill and maim us, while all of them have effectively received permission if not orders from those foreign powers' highest officials to violate our borders, is sufficient for any reasonable person to recognize them as an invasion force.

As had previous ones endured by our land, this invasion has put at severe risk the lives, liberties, and property of all her citizens and guests. It manifestly constitutes a clear and present danger to the security of our nation. It's made worse when our supposedly own national government, instead of exercising its due powers to completely repel such invasions of our states, not only fails in that highest duty it owes each of them then, but works with at least one of the foreign powers behind those invasions to finance the retirement pensions of the invaders.

A required part of our national government's powers and duties to protect, by force if necessary, each of our states against invasion is the arrest of anyone found impeding those powers and duties. This includes businesses, municipalities, and all other private and public entities that either assist the invasion or interfere with its repulsion. In addition, no state may ever entertain the option of surrendering to or otherwise accommodating any invasion force. Our constitution plainly states it "shall" be protected against such calamity, as well as who shall provide that protection. Neither the state nor the federal government is allowed to evade this supreme command that we, the sovereign of them both, have issued to each. While that state remains in our Union all its people consent to receiving such national protection, and thus must fully permit it whenever they are being invaded.

So, Mr. Secretary, as the lawful agent of our president, you really do have the ability to provide us and our states the total protection our constitution demands. Any businesses you find assisting the invaders with offers of employment and provisions of income, you have supreme authority to put out of business. Any municipalities you find assisting the invaders with offers of sanctuary and provisions of services, you have supreme authority to declare in a state of rebellion against the United States. As for the latter, recommend to our president that he do what Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt before him had done in similar times of grave national peril: Suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus within every one of those municipalities and dissolve its rebellious government until its officers, as all of them are bound by oath to do, obediently support our constitution.

The only reason you haven't done this clearest of your duties is you're afraid. You know a liberal backlash of Epic Proportions™ will certainly follow what now could only be considered the government's radical action of actually protecting and defending our constitution in these minacious times against the very thing that most threatens it: a pointless border. From the darkest reaches of Slimes editors' lost hearts, al-Qaedaqrat Party leaders' lost souls, Mo'On.bat keypounders' lost minds, and all their hangers-on and hired hitmen's ever deranged vengefulness would arise a groundswell of hate, the most extreme they can muster, all directed relentlessly at you and our president. As always, the concern of these fanatical "progressives" won't be for our country or her people but for their own power and the stirring up of victimizations they believe delivers them it. Like a rabid pack of hyenas they'll hound you until you tire, bite you if you stumble, pounce on you after you're down, ferociously gnaw away every inch of skin from your dying flesh, then crush your bones with their drool-drenched jaws while laughing maniacally over your corpse.

Predictably you'd prefer avoiding this mayhem. Would that our country had the same luxury. Unfortunately she doesn't. Her people are at war with an enemy who's already exploited her open borders to kill thousands. He'll do so again should you allow personal discomfort or any prospects of it to prevent these actions you must take if you want to truly secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws so we can avoid another attack here.

To show us you're serious about both, start using Executive Order 12989 to debar every federal contractor that isn't in compliance with the Immigration and Nationality Act. Your job and duty require you to at least do this.

Also, use Section 102(b) of the Homeland Security Act to enter into agreements with the Department of Justice to launch a sustained, nationwide program of aggressive investigations of all employers that hire any non-U.S. citizens, and always seek, without exception, maximum fines and prison sentences against those you find in violation of Section 1324a of Title 8 of the United States Code. The purposes of that agreement are to help your department better carry out its primary mission to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States and reduce the vulnerability of the United States to terrorism as well as better meet its primary responsibilities for border security and immigration law enforcement.

By permanently extinguishing the lure of illicit job opportunities, the main body of the foreign force that has invaded our states will have no choice but to begin a full-scale retreat and leave our homeland for good. Doing that must be your department's foremost, constant priority.

Better to always whip up ever risk-averse "progressives" into a wild, GetBush! GetPower! frenzy than ever give always risk-taking terrorists any inch they'll try to convert, with far greater savagery, into a mile-long river of our blood. Those mindlessly mauling mainstreamocrat midiots have nothing better to do than look out for their own low-down, self-serving "progressive" interest group (Confederate Yankee via Rottweilerian Empire). You have the best of everything we could give you to oversee our highest homeland-serving, national security-interest office: our "Constitution, and the Laws of the United States... made in Pursuance thereof."

If you're not willing to implement these measures to the fullest extent required by a country undeniably at war, if you're content with allowing willful negligence or willful obstruction by anyone in this time of unprecedented national danger and emergency to turn the most vital part of our immigration laws into a dead letter that will lead to many thousands more of us turning up dead, then there are no words to even begin to describe your total unfitness for that office. Assuming you wish to continue in it, you will find it in your own best interests to start better serving ours.

So stop lying to us, get busy enforcing all of our immigration laws, and promptly complete the entire border fencing we demand.

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