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Fifty Years of Global Peace


It would be worth ten million lives.

ran is the underlying obstacle to world peace. Without its terrorist-supporting, missile-proliferating, nuclear weaponry-building, dictatorship-propping regime of extremely insane despotic zealots determined to destroy every democracy and democratic movement in the Middle East and beyond, North Korea and Syria would loose their greatest material backer and have to behave like civilized nations, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terrorists groups would crumble and have to disband, Israel finally would be at peace with all her neighbors and have no more external enemies, Iraq would achieve full democracy and have no more internal chaos, the United States finally would eliminate the threat of international terrorism and have no more need for any large-scale deployment of troops overseas, Russia, China, and Germany would enjoy a completely stable oil supply and have no more economic or political justifications for courting and assisting regional tyrants, and the Iranian people themselves finally would be liberated from their mullahist oppressors and have the first real chance in decades of truly living in peace.

Examining any plausible worst-case scenario of the fallout from Hamas and Hezbollah's current full-scale war against Israel, such as that broken down by Froggy at Blackfive (Radioactive Liberty via FIAR's comment at His Imperial Condemneeness's site), there always stands out one essential, overarching element: Iran. Specifically, its berserk regime's continuous and blatant violations of international norms by supplying vital military arms, equipment, and expertise to terrorist groups arrayed against Israel and the West and to dictatorships in both Syria and North Korea. Remove this element and any such fallout remains confined to within a few dozen miles of the Mediterranean Sea's easternmost shoreline. Indeed®, if Iran's finger, now present in practically all such Middle Eastern messes, were absent altogether, there'd be absolutely no fallout anywhere because no terrorists would have the means to ever seriously contemplate engaging in such a war against Israel — or continuing their wider war against us, for that matter. Whatever hope islamofascist terrorists might have of either war's success wouldn't even exist to begin with.

Right now the same could be said about the success of any negotiations with the Islamofascist Republic of Iran. Given its leaders' policy-driving belief in an apocalyptic return of "the Hidden (or Last) Iman" "at the end of time to lead an era of Islamic justice," rumored to begin late next month, how long any clear thinking person will be able to come up with at least one convincing reason, or even rationalization, why we can afford to continue grasping at ever depleting staws of hope which Iran's gibbering mullahs are only willing to offer us, is at this point anyone's guess. Although the last shot at coming up with any may have already passed, one such person has, somehow, remarkably managed it.

In blinding contrast to the disproportionate use of farce, bias, and outright stupidity by the Vatican, the BBC (e.g., implying Israel's "agenda" includes settling "old scores" and claiming the U.S. "is reluctant to act and has lost influence in the Arab world over Iraq") and other leftistream media, the Neuteredpeeing Union, and, of course, Korrupti Anon, there stands the educated voice of reason of Iranian-born author Amir Taheri (my dad):

There are not many ways in which the war fought between the Islamic Republic and the "Infidel" world ends. One could envisage a large hot episode that might create more headaches for the US and its allies than the liberation of Iraq. But even then there is no guarantee that the Islamic Republic, under Ahmadinejad or anyone else, would survive.

But the war could also end if the war party now ascendant in Tehran is exposed and effectively opposed. Many elements within the Khomeinist establishment know that the radical group now in power is leading the country towards war and possible disaster. But they cannot speak out when the whole world sees that Ahmadinejad has successfully defied the international community without suffering the slightest setback so far.

Those who wish to end this war, or at least prevent a new hot episode in it, must make it clear to the new leadership in Tehran that it is alone in its policy of posturing and provocation. The message to Tehran should be that no one in the region, let alone the broader Muslim world, is prepared to help him trigger the "clash of civilisations" the radical Khomeinists dream and speak of.

Such a message would strengthen the hand of those within the Tehran establishment that know that this unnecessary and un-winnable war has gone on far too long and that the sooner it is brought to end the better for all concerned — above all the people of Iran.

His analysis of Iran and Syria's proxy war against Israel is spot on as well.

Should Mr. Taheri's sage advice go unheeded, especially in Tehran, then the Ahmadinejihadists' days must be, for world peace's sake, tangibly numbered. Sooner rather than later; because the way matters are now proceeding, many of us in this country won't be around to see that later. To that end I offer this modest proposal:

Use every means at our disposal to permanently remove this underlying obstacle to world peace. No general warning. No dropping of leaflets. No background briefings with fifth columnists. To make it so official that not even our U.S. Supreme Sores will get the chance to muck any of this up, now or later on, the Congress should formally and secretly (for as long as necessary, as permitted under Article I, Section 5, Clause 3 of our Constitution) declare war on the Ismaniac Republic of Iran. Congress' declaration should require the president to directly (1) inform Iran's head of state that a formal state of war exists between our two nations, and (2) at the same time issue him an ultimatum that he has one hour to procure his regime's unconditional surrender to our international coalition or face the total thermonuclear annihilation of Tehran, warning him that if he tries to escape or tries to warn its populous beforehand the city's annihilation will commence immediately. Whatever the outcome, Iran's despots will at last be deposed and the threat of their supplying terrorists, aiding dictatorships, and developing nuclear weapons, which has hung too long over the world, will at last be over for good. Although it is unlikely the Congress would have to repeat these same proceedings for Pyongyang or Damascus, the possibility of doing so in either or both of their cases, if that necessity still exists, should not be ruled out.

Will we suffer reprisals? If we do they won't come from Russia or China. Both have too much to lose to risk aligning themselves with a set of very deposed and most probably very dead madmen, and too much to gain to risk interfering with the establishment of a new, democratic form of Iranian government which benefits them both by bringing political and commercial stability to that strategic region. If any reprisals do come they'll likely be from the subsequently scattered, dwindling number of sleeper cells that retain, even after the elimination of all their main suppliers, some reserve of non replenishable resources to conduct one last desperate, suicidal attack each. We can prevent almost all of these by placing our nation on alert one last time, starting with severe right before the ultimatum is issued then dropping to high once we accept the despotic Iranian regime's unconditional surrender, until this threat too finally passes.

Will there be tremendous suffering? Definitely, in the short run. Yet after only a few years into the half-century of unprecedented global peace, the entire world will bless us for having finally found the courage to do whatever it takes to end, once and for all, World War IV.

Postscript. After nearly a half-decade of fighting a mostly cold World War III, the American psyche suffered considerable harm. It's response to being threateningly pushed had been if you push us, not only will we push back but we'll keep pushing until you won't be able to push us or anyone else ever again. That's what we did to Japan and Germany in WWII. We totally broke them of their warmongering ways, turning them both into utter peaceniks. In WWIII, with the nuclear Sword of Damocles hanging over everyone's heads, any idea of pushing back, even slightly or indirectly, meant risking total destruction of both the pusher and the pushee. Winning that war would instead require poking and prodding, pinpricking and papercutting until the other side simply threw up their hands and caved in. That's what we did to the former Soviet Union. We totally broke it of nothing more than its needling, meddlesome ways, turning it into a cracked, surly half-ally. What didn't end with that war was the idea that pushing back, even against pissant tyrannies like Iran or North Korea, would mean risking cataclysmic destruction. The people living in the past who're still fighting in such cold-war terms — also known as liberals, or the fwench — see our pushing back in any way, even after being pushed beyond all tolerance and reason, as always highly irresponsible and dangerous. Their judgments feelings in these matters are completely driven by that one, no longer realistic or assured fear of mutual destruction. Pinprick and papercut the pusher to death is their sole answer, as they blissfully ignore the fact that prodding and poking at insane regimes on the fast track to possessing nuclear arsenals only makes those regimes much more insane, angry, and dangerous, and is thus much worse than pushing back until they can't push anyone ever again. Such regimes don't understand anything else. They push, we prick, they look strong, we look weak; they push more, we prick some more, etc. This cycle of acquiescence continues until the only thing we can be assured of is that we'll quickly end up with Hitlers, Pearl Harbors, or Nukenutty Mullahs stomping on our deboned backs.

As Backfive commenter JOE Norman puts it,

We have become a shell of our former selves! Things get a little dicey in Iraq and we're all ready to bail out, a'la Veitnam. Take away the Warrior class, and we have become a nation of P*****s! Our culture is rotting from various self inflicted social cancers, and we just skip along la-di-da like everything is Okey-Dokey! We can't wait to get home in the evening to watch the latest episode of "entertainment tonight" or "Survivor" while the very survival of our Republic, our CIVILIZATION, hangs over this precarious precipice!

This world is a dangerous and brutal place. We need to become dangerous and brutal people to those in this world who would seek to take away our way of life.

Kat at CatHouse Chat ably sums up what we can and must do about it (damnum absque injuria via Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler).

And if America will grow up, quit whining and insisting on perfection, and knuckle down and do the job, we'll destroy the monsters, rebuild Iraq, and come home — and I bet we could do it within a year.


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