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Eurobedwetters Support Hizb'Allah, Iran Victory


"The conventional army loses if it does not win. The guerrilla wins if he does not lose."
– Henry Kissinger
(my emphasis)

"Go bet on your reason and we will bet on our adventure, with God as our Supporter and Benefactor.... and God willing, victory will follow."
– Iran's Hezbullshiite puppet
(translated by Eric Mueller)

on't fight back and child-murdering terrorists will treat you nice. Always be at their mercy and they won't ever feel threatened by you.

That last sentence is true. The quickest way to end the fighting on both sides is for one side to completely surrender. Except when you surrender to child-murdering terrorists the fighting continues. Just it all becomes one-sided then. Also, insomuch as feckless Euwowhineans feel it's nice when only Israelis stop fighting and let themselves get beheaded by either large knives or rockets, the fist sentence is equally true.

Hogzbullah's "Operation True Promise (To Kill All Jooos)" wasn't launched in response to some cross-border incursion or anything else Israel had done outside merely existing. It was a wholly unprovoked attack against that country and her entire population, both military and civilian. Nor could the United States, as Hanoi John "If I Were F'in' Prez" al-Qerry* and other Depanderats unsurprisingly complain, have foreseen it or otherwise done anything short of warning Israel or militarily intervening ourselves to prevent it. Even so, that's not a good enough reason, professional perfectionists here and in Sodden Eurabia feel, for doing anything disproportionate effective to eliminate the immediate source of further attacks. Their unassailable answer? Bring in even more UN blue helmets to collaborate with the attackers and provide them cover!

It does, Herbert London notes (Nordish Portal), give terrorists another good reason to believe that their enemy in this World War — i.e., all us non-Murderslims — pose absolutely no concernable threat to their planned Final Solution and other deadly aggressions:

A belief is circulating in the Islamic world that a secular West no longer has the will to resist Islamic jihad. In fact, the compromises and willingness to accommodate Islamic factions in European societies are recognized as signs of weakness. The more open and liberal the society, the more likely it is a target for jihad. It is not coincidental that Denmark now faces daily riots or the Netherlands was where a filmmaker, Theo Van Gogh, was murdered on the streets....

That the West considers this Islamic fanaticism a form of acting out over deplorable conditions faced by Muslims within their borders also plays to Islam's strength. Believing there must be a rational explanation for seemingly irrational behavior, Western leaders bend over backward to make accommodations. Rarely do leaders conclude the violence is fomented by religious zealotry no liberal concessions can mitigate.

This belief is reinforced when Gonzo Strip terrorists use missiles to intentionally and indiscriminately murder civilians across the border — including a schoolgirl who tried to shield her little brother from one — even after Israel redeployed from such hellhole, and Eurosimians condemn that attacked country for trying to do everything she reasonably can to stop it. Oh, that's right. Anything Israel does to defend herself is not reasonable at all.

Why are terrorists doing all this? Can't everyone just find a way to get along? Let's turn to one of their staunchest supporters for the answers:

Jews are a virus resembling AIDS, from which the entire world suffers....

We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world — except for the Jews. The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquility under our rule, because they are treacherous by nature, as they have been throughout history. The day will come when everything will be relived of the Jews — even the stones and trees which were harmed by them. Listen to the Prophet Muhammad, who tells you about the evil end that awaits Jews. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew.

Surely this paid employee of the Paleostenchian Authority who delivers the official Friday sermon to everyone on PATV, will listen to reason. He and his followers would never take advantage of any show of restrainst hunkering down white flags on the part of Israel.

To help dispel the myth that only a few are spouting murderous screeds like this one from official bully pulpits, on the same television station five years earlier another sermonizer of death and hate had this to say about his Jewish neighbors as well as Americans:

They are the terrorists. They are the ones who must be butchered and killed, as Allah the almighty said: "Fight them; Allah will torture them at your hands, and will humiliate them..."

Have no mercy on the Jews no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them — and those who stand by them.

Of course when the New Traitorous Times translated this it came out as "Whether Likud or Labor, Jews are Jews." Nothing to see here. MoveOn.al-ong.

Us silly paranoid conservatives of the Globalisation Neohallizionburtonconist Conspiracy aren't the only ones who recognize the intractable irrationality of these and other upstanding leaders of Paleterroristan "culture" and "society." Left-wing historian Benny Morris, in his interview with Ari Shavit Haaretz at Deir Yassin Revisited, makes this analogy and observation:

[BM] The Palestinians are retaliating now not only for yesterday's closure but for the Nakba [Arabic for "catastrophe"] as well. But that is not a sufficient explanation. The peoples of Africa were oppressed by the European powers no less than the Palestinians were oppressed by us, but nevertheless I don't see African terrorism in London, Paris or Brussels. The Germans killed far more of us than we killed the Palestinians, but we aren't blowing up buses in Munich and Nuremberg. So there is something else here, something deeper, that has to do with Islam and Arab culture.
 . . .

[ASH] For a left-winger, you sound very much like a right-winger, wouldn't you say?

[BM] I'm trying to be realistic. I know it doesn't always sound politically correct, but I think that political correctness poisons history in any case. It impedes our ability to see the truth. And I also identify with Albert Camus. He was considered a left-winger and a person of high morals, but when he referred to the Algerian problem he placed his mother ahead of morality. Preserving my people is more important than universal moral concepts.

Also my emphasis — and a fact of life lost on practically all liberals and the most vocal members of the Religion of Peace Deathcult of Barbarity, including the Iranian parliament's presiding madman:

The towns you have built in northern Palestine (Israel) are within the range of the brave Lebanese children. No part of Israel will be safe.

In such environment any cease-fire is death for more Israeli schoolgirls and other civilians if it either applies to Israel alone or occurs anytime before the arsenals of Iranian-supplied weapons aimed at her are not sufficiently destroyed and the Iranian-backed groups held together solely by a common bloodlust to launch these weapons as acts of terror against Israel's civilian population are not adequately dispersed from all regions bordering her territory. Only then will the international community be able to work with Lebanon, Israel, and if at all possible the Putrescentian Abhority to help them completely destroy those arsenals and permanently disperse those groups in order to create conditions for a truly lasting cease-fire.

Except that's not what "progressive" elements of the international community want. Israel, they say, should meekly hunker down and unilaterally take her incinerational whippings like a good Joooess. What these peace activists accomplises to mass slaughter forget is that Israel tried it last February to no avail. Why should Israel again have to accord any legitimacy to what they say? The General Secretary Serial Killer of the Hezpiglets himself doesn't:

I will not offer words to the international community because I have never for one day believed that there is any such thing as an international community, just as many in our nation feel.

The feeling's blatantly mutual, Hassassin. You'll never hear the vaunted IC wasting other than Butmonkey® platitudes on you, your state sponsors, or any of your homicidal deeds. Ever. It spares all its words of condemnation just for Israel. Every word of which terrorist abetting du-jourliarists gleefully lap up and obeisantly regurgitate in between spotting targets for Hizpork,Allah or identifying dead terrorists as "civilian casualites."

This is certainly only their usual weakness and cowardice speaking. There's absolutely no chance that a normal Israeli is going to hunt down and put a bomb under San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board member James O. Goldsborough's car in retaliation for his blaming or badmouthing Israel. The same can't be said for any normally wild-eyed, crazed terrorist. Once the Goo Pork Slimes' Abill al-Qeller, yet another example, ceases being one of the islamonazis' most valuable allies in this World War, or takes it further by actually supporting our country's efforts to defeat them totally, they'll deem him no longer useful — if not a real threat — to their genocidal cause. Then it's Boom! Adios, former executive-traitor.

Leftists worldwide, including those "working" in the safely untargeted NYTreason building, are genuinely afraid of angering any terrorist. The U.S. government isn't going to slice off their heads with a big ugly knife and put those pointy things (their heads, not a knife) in Congressman Jefferson or anyone else's refrigerator after they've stabbed America or any of her allies in the back. A terrorist's bound to try just that if they start failing to give Hizb'acon or some other terrorist group within the Iransyrian nexus any kind of aid or comfort in their overt words and deeds. So it's just safer to criticize, blame, and otherwise undermine the efforts of the good doer rather than the evildoer. Perhaps doing so with the hope that it will convince the latter to eat them last — at which time, they also hope, the Hizb'alligator will be so full from gobbling up everyone else they've betrayed he won't have any appetite left to do the same to them. To a psycho liberal (I know, I repeat myself) this is known as The Only Acceptable Defense Against Terrorism. Others might call it Mass Stockholm Syndrome or, in layman's terms, Surrender.

Thus islaminals in southern Lebanon can fire over a hundred missiles a day at Israeli homes, ones in Iran supply these missiles or deliver to al-Qaeda in Iraq shaped-charged improvised explosive devices, or those in London turn tube-riding commuters into ground chuck, and the first thing out of nearly every liberal's drool drenched maw is "we must exercise restraint." Wouldn't want to get these islamodouchebags really angry at us, would we now? When any such dribbling driveler is directly called on it his rote response pretty much boils down to

I want to get rid of terrorists as much as you do [sic]. BUT™ I know if we actually fight them we'll make them so much more mad that they'll wind up getting more recruits.

So let's not, you know, actually fight them. Eventually they'll get tired of killing everybody (or run out of folks they want to kill) and will go home and peaceably tend their olive orchards. It's that simple, you warmongering chickenhawk [His Imperial Rottness] wingnut. And stop questioning my patriotism!!

Who bothers questioning something that's never existed? There are more people who believe in Sasquatch, Nessie, the Meh-Teh and the Yowie than that legendary myth — or about the same as the number of omniscientists who connect global warming primarily to human activity. This applies to their purely hypothetical spinal column as well.

In the meantime, while the Spanish chapter of People Insisting on Non-Humans's Equality And Dignity works busily to grant great apes and hizbullcoward guerrillas the same rights as actual human beings, the latter unhuman species is taking advantage of liberals' equally nonsensical insistence that no war should ever be fought if there's even the slightest chance that even one innocent person could be harmed. The terrorist militant freedom-fighting guerrilla minute"man" charity worker has no such qualms. He lives by the motto: He who fights and runs away — that is, behind the nearest human shields women's skirts (Absurd Report) — lives to fight another day. Those fighting him must abide by the liberals' motto: He who fights whom we fear angering has little chance of meeting our strict demand that he not fight unless we feel everything he's done is in every respect totally perfect. Total perfection here, besides zero civilian casualties, means exact tit for tat in terms of troop levels, movements, and firepower, exact observance (by the terrorists too — just kidding!) of all applicable and inapplicable "rules of war," exact dates for complete cessation of hostilities (not to exceed three news cycles after the start of fighting regardless whether the terrorists still are, or else endure endless taunts of "bogged down!" "quagmire!" "mistake!" "VIETNAMMMMM!!" — no kidding!) and withdrawal of forces, and some exacted apology for having made the terrorists angry in the first place as well as actually fighting them and making them angrier.

Fortunately saner heads in actual charge of the fighting simply refuse to listen to liberals or their blaming and complaining. Otherwise terrorists wouldn't have anyone fighting them at all.

Given the way the BCC and other enemystream media are taking advantage of any opportunity this Hezbutcherian- Iranian-Israeli war affords them to once again undermine, to every civilized nation and its citizenry's mortal detriment, "what Tony Blair and George W. Bush call the 'War on Terror'," it's not surprising that none of them gets this or even pretends to try to understand what's at stake. Consummately blinded by their all consuming obsession with annihilating every obstacle from America through Zion that denies them what they feel is unquestionably and by all rights their sole entitlement to possess absolute dictatorial power over all persons and things in order to forcibly reshape every human being in their own bleak, self-absorbed image — an obsession so complete that it limits their awareness to nothing else — there is no hope whatsoever they'll ever get it.

On the bright side the regularity with which lizberallala gorelemurs demonstrate their terminal selfishness every time they parade this undisguisable hatred of Bush, Blair, America, Israel, and everyone and everything else which frustrates their uncontrollable lust for such total power, lobbing from the safety of their mosque-like newsrooms hit piece after hit piece at those targets, or at every turn planting and remotely setting off from their leaky political offices Imprecative Enemy-assisting Divisiveness under us and our elected leadership as we travel the road to victory in this World War, ensures that they'll continue to discredit themselves with those who unalienably retain all legitimate powers to bar them entirely, at both the ballot box and the advertisers' bottom line, from every hall, door, and stairway of public authority.

As to the ultimate outcome of Iran's proxy war of distration, whether its military or negotiated settlement merely postpones the next round of fighting or spawns a new plethora of ill- or well-intentioned ideas, until we bring full pressure to bear on the mendacious mullahs in Tehran and force them to cease dealing their terrorist clients any more missiles that the latter purposefully aim and fire at completely civilian targets just to fuel further conflict, we're allowing these madmen to hold the winning hand. Although Israel will not attack unless provoked, goose stepping islamonazis will until every non-islamonazi is either dead or one of their dhimmislave laborers:

Terrorists attack Israel. Israel attacks terrorists. Terrorists attack. Israel attacks. "Cycle of Violence," in lefrench or libressive-progeralese.

Terrorists don't attack. Israel doesn't attack. The End, in any language.

Terrorists attack. Israel doesn't attack. Terrorists keep attacking and attacking and attacking.... No. End. In. Sight. (Perhaps a pause when Israel's erased from every map.)

All this is crystal-nacht clear to practically everyone, especially leftarded statists (BIRM) and other terrorism-supporting tyrants who, if they had their way, would let the world do nothing more than intentionally impose on Israel that final cycle solution.

Once the world stops listening to liberals it will find a much better solution. Not the unilateral unconditional immediate cease-fire silver bullet that harbingers even greater suffering and more deaths. But a real one that, in persevering to permanently rout and destroy civilian-endangering terrorists, is right.

* In the comments under this Hub Politics post, I ask a blame-bawling, pedophilia-obsessed liberal, "What should President Bush do?" To his credit he did respond without more than a puzzling and half-hearted insult, before again proceeding to fling around more MoveOnless blame. (Oh, and it does make more than perfect sense that: not doing anything to uphold the world's will is the same as upholding it; liberals get to pick an arbitrary date after which any combat deaths don't count because they're "after the war ended," and no accidental death inside any theatre of war is a wartime casualty because, well, it was an accident, Infoplease & Soldiers Magazine; 15,000 = "100,000"; and the only complete answer anyone will ever need to my question "What should President Bush do?" is Get Rid Of Bush! — just let liberals run everything because they'll promise they won't get anybody killed, including child-butchering terrorists who'll all be subject to search warrants, indictments, arrests, and trials by an Albuquerque or Seattle jury or even one in your own hometown!)

I thank Hub Politics' Mr. Margolis for the remarkable generosity and patience he showed while indulging me that use of his server's filespace and bandwidth.

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