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Soft Purple Fluffy Bunny Rabbits


BBC's new term, so as not to offend any "bombers" in its audience.

n an effort to promote interpersonal understanding, a raising of cultural awareness, and mutual tolerance of increasingly greater diversity, this blogger too will— Wait. "Blogger" is such an alienating term. It dehumanizes the intrinsic self-worth and personhood of certain individuals—that is, fellow human beings—who happen to share a particular belief system regarding modes of expression different from that held by a majority of people in our society, some of whom may, unfortunately, wish to exploit such differences in a manner that publicly depersonalizes the former simply because nearly every member of the bouncy huggable key tapper community (formerly referred to on this site as b_____rs, a term that only the intolerant, racist, bigoted, religious-extremist Right might anti-multiculturally still use) believes in posting her, his, or other opinions in a written, Web-accessible format, rather than vocalizing them in front of, say, water coolers and various other office areas designated for work breaks or any similar gathering of persons at their places of employment, which undoubtedly include a number of very evil corporate, capitalistic entities (excluding the ever-tolerant and overly government-subsidized BBC, of course).

Now everyone has her, his, or other own way of expressing her, his, or otherself, which must be respected, valued, and encouraged if she, he, or other is to feel included and empowered in a completely tolerant society. Some, like our bouncy huggable key tapper friends, prefer a more electronic-based means, while others, like our soft purple fluffy bunny rabbit neighbors, gravitate to more chemical-based ones. Each has its own self-reaffirming value to the respective members of these groups; yet neither may be considered better or less worthy than the other without coming across, if even inadvertently, as biased, judgmental, bigoted, or worse. Both means of expression deserve to be granted equal status and afforded equal weight (whether in fonts or kilograms) when determining exactly what we mean by that word "expression." After all, one person's form of expression might very well be another's act of violence. So who are we to judge? It certainly does not promote a wider sense of understanding between groups by resorting to such judgmentalism.

That being said, one should not assign the slightest derogatory meaning or any negative connotation whatsoever to any form of expression that will in all likelihood include total, unlimited military retaliation by the people of Great Britain against the repressive dictatorship of Syria kissable Damascan cutie pie for its financing and otherwise aiding the expression of soft purple fluffy bunny rabbits in their country. No one has moral authority to berate or elevate anyone's chosen form of expression. The BBC said so.

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