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Joe Wilson himself is Judith Miller's source


Using the same evidentiary standard that Spew Pork Slimes and other DeMainStreamMediocrats apply whenever they publicly try to smear a Republican....

he Source™ that gave journalist Judith Miller the name of an alleged "undercover" agent—apparently in direct violation of national security laws—is Joseph C. Wilson IV, former United States ambassador to Gabon, said an investigator in the office of special protector Patrick Fitzgerald, appointed by the Justice Department to inquire into the matter. Meanwhile, a number of persons close to the inquiry have come forward to corroborate the investigator's statement.

Mr. Wilson is the agent's second husband, and was told by her before their marriage that she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency as an undercover agent. At least one legal analyst says that this self-disclosure, which reportedly occurred overseas while the couple was in the middle of a "heavy make-out" on their third or fourth date, is itself a clear violation of law. "Section 426 (of Title 50, United States Code) clearly says that any covert agent who is serving outside the United States or has within the last five years served outside the United States, is not authorized to tell any of her boyfriends that she is such an agent. Any such blabbermouthing bimbo would and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," the analyst said.

Another legal analyst speculates that both Mr. Wilson and his wife are themselves the real subjects of the special prosecutor's investigation. "It's not totally clear in this particular law what the statute of limitations is for disclosing to any reporter that your wife works (undercover) for the CIA," she said. "But since that would constitute a serious, criminal breach of national security, it's likely that a prosecution is not restricted at all" by normal statutes of limitations.

Both Mr. Wilson and his wife refused to return multiple phone calls seeking their comments on the analysts' determination that both may be in violation of the Espionage Act and other relevant laws.

Mr. Wilson, nonetheless, has not stopped disclosing to whomever might listen to him that his wife was a covert CIA agent. As recently as last week he again disclosed this information, this time by email which he sent to an Internet commentator. The commentator then published the email's contents where it could be read by anyone who has access to the World Wide Web.

A source close to the special prosecutor's inquiry said the available evidence appears to show that Mr. Wilson also disclosed his wife's undercover identity to Spew Pork Slimes journalist Judith Miller. As that source asked, "Who would know better that she was such an agent, and had more motive to embarrass an administration he was very hostile to by disclosing her identity to the one newspaper most desperately trying to embarrass it too, and make it look like a leak from someone else, other than her husband?"

Ms. Miller is currently serving an eighteen-month jail sentence after being convicted of willfully defying a duly issued court order. "If someone stalking a woman disobeys a judicial order to stop and breaks into her apartment and kills her, he would be just as guilty of contempt (of court) as (Judith) Miller is," said a court observer who attended Ms. Miller's sentencing hearing.

Colleagues of Ms. Miller who have been very critical of her reporting in the past, are now staunchly defending her violation of court orders. "She has resorted to civil disobedience to uphold her profession's honor," said New York magazine writer Franklin Foer, who just last year described Ms. Miller as "difficult... (and) much more vulnerable to journalistic sins than her more affable colleagues."

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