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No experience. No message. No record showing any real achievement. Nothing but a bunch of words and promises.

ho is Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry? He's someone who'd require extensive on-the-job training. He's never been the governor of a state. Never held any elective office higher than U.S. Senator (1984-present) and Mass. (not the Catholic kind) Lieutenant Governor (1982-84, with a campaign ad of cutting out paper dolls). Never owned or ran a business. Rarely shows up for work. Left his buddies behind in Viet Nam after serving just four months there after getting a third scratch (that's approx. one scratch per month). Then becoming a professional war protester before becoming a professional trial lawyer before becoming a professional politician. Led the charge against our troops by calling them war criminals in front of Congress and by trying to cut their ability to fight and stay safe once he became a member of it.

A nation at war with enemies who intentionally kill 3,000 civilians in a single coordinated attack is looking at someone who recommended that we unilaterally cut our defense budget by 20 percent at the height of the Cold War (including the Patriot anti-missile, MX missile, Pershing 2 missile, Trident submarine, Aegis cruiser, F-14 fighter, F-15 fighter, F-16 fighter, Apache helicopter, Tomahawk cruise missile, Bradley vehicle, M1 Abrams tank, B-1 bomber, and B-2 stealth bomber systems—each of which has proven indispensable to our troops in successfully fighting and deterring our enemies during this World War), who sought to unilaterally eliminate our Strategic Defense Initiative (which Mikhail Gorbachev himself declared was instrumental in bringing about the collapse of his Evil Empire), who didn't want to hear evidence about prisoners of war still in Viet Nam (not while he was trying to "normalize" our relations with his pals running that communist dictatorship), who voted to freeze defense spending for seven straight years (luckily for us, 71 percent of his colleagues disagreed), who said in 1993 our brave defenders in the military didn't deserve a pay raise (his votes do the real talking for him), who saw no need at all to increase intelligence funding right after the first World Trade Center bombing (even four years later he was asking, "why is it that our vast intelligence apparatus continues to grow?"—merely arresting the terrorists left scattered here was obviously more important to him than finding and killing the growing number of them regrouping overseas), who thinks this World War "is not primarily a military operation [but] an intelligence-gathering, law-enforcement, public-diplomacy effort" (the same ineffective way al-Qlinton treated this threat for eight whole years), who believes "the threat of terrorism has been exaggerated," who refused every time he had the chance to make all terrorist mass-murderers of Americans subject to the death penalty (three times he voted "no," which makes him the first anti-death penalty candidate since his former boss Miqhael S. Duqaqis), who abandoned our troops by irresponsibly opposing funds for our military operations and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq (as did his hairmate John Qerrwards, but not 90 percent of the rest of the Senate), who tried seven times to sink the Virginia class submarine (plus every new aircraft carrier since 1988—until, of course, he started running for president), and who believes we should have a "sensitive war" against bloodthirsty terrorists. Hopeful words and promises can't make up for his despairing deeds.

Qerry's bunny suit
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(apologies to Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins)

An economy that has not only been recovering from a recession we inherited from Qlinton and terrorist sneak attacks, but has been booming so much and so rapidly under this administration that the Federal Reserve is now trying to cool it down, would buckle and lose jobs if left to someone who wants to forcibly convert it completely to a "hydrogen based economy," who calls health care "a right" that must be subsidized by our tax dollars and entirely administered by bean-counting bureaucrats (he told Margaret Warner on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer that his health-care plan would cost us a whopping $900 Billion!), who promises both massive new social programs and a middle class tax cut (same as the cut al-Qlinton promised but then reneged on within a month of his taking office), who went along with al-Qlinton's Largest Tax Increase in Human History™ package (he still wished it had included a lot more "investment" spending), who voted in favor of every bleed-trade agreement that ever came down the pike while accusing corporations that take advantage of those same agreements of being Benedict Arnolds (like his own wife Teresa's Heinz Co., a so-called American corporation that bases 70 percent of its workforce overseas—or like those he hypocritically accepts campaign contributions from), who opposes actually fixing Medicare and Social Security so they have a real chance of truly surviving when my generation and those after it start receiving the promised benefits from those programs (although he did gleefully vote for increased taxes on Social Security benefits), who opposes opening a small sliver of barren wasteland at the top of the Trans Alaska Pipeline for extracting what actual geologists say would be 16 billion barrels of oil (i.e., the equivalent of 30 years of imports of Saudi Arabian oil, all from a place that stays 50 degrees below zero and in constant blizzards most of the year—hardly a "pristine" countryside), who supported raising gasoline taxes by 50 cents a gallon in 1994 (a year after voting to raise them by 4.3 cents), who first demands that our president "pressure OPEC to start providing more oil" then turns around and hysterically criticizes President Bush if he does, who invents a new and worsened "misery index" just so he can talk down the economy, who cries "we're going in circles" after one unadjusted, lackluster report (while dismissing the drop in unemployment—the lowest it's been in 31 months—as well as the fact that "payroll employment has risen 1.5 million since August 2003," which al-Qerry doesn't like since that means less government-dependent welfare recipients plantation slaves), who "has a 19-year record of opposing investors" (which now make up 64 percent of all voters), who wants you to believe that taxing our Nation's businesses at 33¼ percent instead of 35 percent will somehow offset his massive tax increases elsewhere on American corporations, and who wants every man, woman, and child in America to owe $2,206 more in taxes next year. No nonsensical nuance al-Qerry invokes can window-dress the enormous damage his envisioned nullification of President Bush's tax-cut based stimulus program would mindlessly inflict on our progress toward full economic recovery.

No longer the party of hope, today's Democratic Party has become Mr. Kerry's many mansions of cynicism and skepticism. As our economy continues to get better and businesses add jobs, Mr. Kerry's going around America trying to convince people that the roof is about to cave in. He talks about "the misery index" and the Depression. What does he know about either?
   And when it comes to taxes and services, you'd be pressed to find anyone more opposed to the interests of middle-class Americans than John Kerry. Except maybe John Edwards. Both voted against tax relief for married couples, tax relief for families with children, and tax relief for small businesses. Now Mr. Kerry wants to raise taxes on hundreds of thousands of small-business owners and millions of individuals. He claims to be for working people, but I don't understand how small businesses can create jobs if they've got to send more money to Washington instead of keeping it to hire workers.
   Worst of all, Sens. Kerry and Edwards have not kept faith with the men and women who are fighting the war on terror—most of whom come from small towns and middle-class families all over America. While Mr. Bush has stood by our troops every step of the way, Messrs. Kerry and Edwards voted to send our troops to war and then voted against the money to give them supplies and equipment—not to mention better benefits for their families. And recently Mr. Kerry even said he's proud of that vote. Proud to abandon our troops when they're out in the field? I can hear Harry Truman cussing from his grave.
Sen. Zell Miller (D-GA)

A society whose mores are being threatened by radical liberal extremists trying to hijack them and suicidally slam their Anything Goes®, If It Feels Good, Do It™ laden airhead anti-values directly into our most vital and cherished institutions, would further collapse atop the cultural ground zeros they're dying to create if misled by someone who says he's been endorsed by foreign leaders but won't reveal their names (even Kim "Poofy Hair Like Qerry's" Jong Il and Sandinista Thug Tómas Borge make no secret of it—only about their covert excursions to New York City restaurants; while closer to home he's been officially endorsed by organizations like the Communist Party, Godless Americans PAC, and Democratic Socialists of America), who accepted a $10,000 campaign contribution from Chinese Red Army Lt. Col. Liu Chaoying in 1996 and then lobbied on her behalf to help get her Chinese-intelligence front company listed on the U.S. Stock Exchange (according to liberals at Newsweek), who took out a very questionable loan on his mansion to save his faltering campaign, who said legitimizing so-called gay marriages is "long overdue" (even while claiming he's "opposed" to it after saying that the states shouldn't be allowed to make their own decisions about it before saying that they should—which obviously doesn't bother pro-gay activists, as they're giving him the title "Most Pro-Gay Nominee in U.S. History"), who thought it was a good idea to give a speech last December to the Muslim Public Affairs Council (the anti-Semitic organization which defends murderous groups like Hamas and Hezbollah), who said nothing about NAACP top leaders' recent derogatory public comments—calling African-American conservatives "puppets" and "ventriloquist's dummies"—when he addressed their convention last month, who insults the intelligence of all Americans—especially minorities—when he says he wants to be the second black president, who issued a press release supporting remarks by "a former supporter of white supremacist David Duke," who comes across as being warm as the planet Pluto, who thinks increased spending for No Child Left Behind is "a cut" (Earth to Pluto: anything that gets a raise from $8.8 billion a year when al-Qlinton left office to $13.3 billion now under President Bush is, according to everyone still cherishing facts over spin, "fully funded"), who fell down on a ski trail—bunny slope?—after running into the Secret Service agent assigned to protect his life and then told people "that son-of-a-b**** knocked me down" (he didn't have the guts to say that to the agent's face), who has a habit of stumbling verbally too when he gets tired (according to his own staff—which wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that the office he's seeking "is a darned tiring job 365 days a year"), who likes it when his billionaire wife TeRaves-à la Moore's Hiney says that Vice President Cheney is "unpatriotic" (himself adding "We're going to keep pounding. These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen. It's scary"—apparently this positive vulgar, profane, and arrogant pair wanted to be the first to shove civility aside; similar to the way she shoved aside having to file her 2003 tax returns until October 15), who sees nothing wrong with the fact his billionaire wife is registered to vote in a different state from his own (do these two royalists live together or not?—perhaps their prenuptial agreement doesn't allow Senator Gold Digger and her to share the same residence), who never votes against the interests of his fellow trial layers (e.g., the same people responsible for your unreasonably high medical bills), who tacitly condones his party's efforts to stifle political dissent in America (today Arizona, Oregon, and Illinois—tommorrow...), who thought it fitting to pick a running mate whose name matches that of the college al-Qerry attended (except he didn't trash his college back then as much as he did his fellow hairhead during the Dhimmicratic primaries), who really likes touching his mate a lot (the running one, not the helpone), who is so wealthy he makes the Bush family "seem a charity case by comparison" (just paying for all the energy he's using on his family's "five palatial, energy-consuming homes, its very own Gulfstream II jet, a 42-foot powerboat, eight vehicles (including two Jeeps and a Chevy Suburban) and a Harley" would no doubt consume the entire after-tax income of most Evil Rich™ families), who doesn't mind blowing $1,000 on flying in a fancy stylist just so she can do his hair (batteries and Botox shots not included), who garners the most overly positive coverage from the WhatLiberalMedia?® media ever recorded (despite his overly overt pessimism about practically everything), who chaired the Yale Liberal Party in college and promptly caused it to be put on probation in the Yale Political Union because of his miserable failure to get even a minimum number of members to join (perhaps his being "generally disliked" and "among the worst chairs in its history" had something to do with it), who considers holding public office to be only a part-time job (but still a full-paying one, you betcha by golly!), who recently made a rare visit to our Senate to vote against outlawing fetal homicide (unborn babies have no voice, at least not with him—even less so when he's speaking to his pals at NARAL), who also voted against every parent's right to be notified before his or her teenage daughter can undergo an abortion operation (perhaps he doesn't think it's a medical procedure), who felt giving drug and alcohol abusers tons of government assistance cash handouts for being "disabled" is a good idea, who doesn't wear his religion on his sleeve (or anywhere else that matters, for that matter), who met with fellow extremists Scott Camil, Al "What Service Record?" Hubbard, and others in November 1971 to seriously considered whether they should adopt Camil's plan to assasinate postnatally abort members of Congress (Qerry lied when he said he never attended that meeting), who despised his (or someone else's) service medals (or ribbons) so much that he tossed them over a fence at the U.S. Capitol before not tossing them over it and hanging them in his office (he also said that medals and ribbons are different before saying that they're interchangeable—and if Pinocchio's face had lengthened instead of his nose it'd be as long as this Pterodactyl's), who contemptuously accuses Great Britain and Italy of being "coerced and the bribed" (he's just mad that their leaders refused to endorse him), who himself lied to and misled every one of us about Iraq (he believed the exact same intelligence reports both he and our president saw before not believing it), who is a spineless wimp when it comes to making commitments because he has "taken virtually every side of every issue" (far worse than how liberals branded President Bush's father a "wimp" for much less after he successfully ran against Qerry's former boss Miqhael Duqaqis in 1988), who can't even be counted on to show up for work when Spendocrats need him most (the Senate's attempt to extend unemployment benefits last May failed by one vote—namely, al-Qerry's—because he had more important things to do), who arrogantly boasts that the "heart and soul of America" are actually Hollyweirdoes attending his exclusive, ritzy fundraisers (like the one last month during which a number of the more soulless weirdoes—all praised by al-Qerry—viciously flogged our county's president with their extremely heartless, vulgar, hate-dripping speeches), and who "has no person of color in his inner circle, including the campaign manager, campaign chairperson, media adviser, policy director, foreign policy adviser, general election manager, convention planner, national finance chairman and head of the vice presidential search team" (tokenizing his campaign's "senior advisers" with no-real-input "all-stars" and "community outreach senior leadership" cheerleaders—those sneer quotes are the Compost's own deputy editor's—after he's been busted for violation of Dinkorats' Looklikeamerica Rule™, won't change the fact that he wants America to look more like France). Being "an international grandmaster at the art of changing the subject"—the extremist liberal's preferred tactic when confronted with facts unpleasant to him (i.e., any facts)—won't help Hanoi John deflect the backlash retribution that's on its way from an offended American electorate enraged by his and his party's actions.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
James 1.8

A people betrayed by eight straight years of Head In The Sand (Plus One In My Pants) al-Qlinton's miserable failure to take care our Nation's security was sufficient in the face of clearly emerging threats from stepped up terrorist attacks against us, had dodged a bullet afterwards by avoiding the catastrophic mistake of electing his raving lunatic VP al-Goron. Now this election they see someone who tells people only what they want to hear rather than what he believes in, who not only fluently speaks the language of Jacques ChIraq and his cheese-eating surrender monkey "Food For Oil" scamming appeaser friends but foolishly seeks their respect, who tried to weasel his way out of serving in Viet Nam, who values nebulous, unwritten "international law" more highly than our written constitution (he told The Harvard Crimson while running for Congress in 1970, "I'm an internationalist. I'd like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations...[and I want] to almost eliminate CIA activity...[and have government deal with unemployment problems] even if it means selective economic controls"; and his voting record in our Senate shows he has consistently maintained these liberal socialist America-hating positions right up until he started running for president—but that's just a coincidence), who served in Hanoi Jane Fonda's activist movement far longer than he served in South Viet Nam's defense struggle (she was a major patron and honorary national coordinator of Vietnam Veterans Against the War while he was its chief spokesman hate-America barking moonbat), who was the first to "divide America over who served and how" by attacking our president—a veteran discharged honorably (understandable that a desperately dissing dISocrat doesn't understand the meaning of that word)—with the unfounded slander that he "can't account for his own service," who accuses our president of using the worst terrorist attack in human history as a "political prop" (moonbats, by all means go ahead and call us a bunch of terrorists for dropping H-bombs on imperialist, warmongering, genocidal Japan during WWII—that ought to get you in real good with Americans who suffered through not only that global war for Freedom but this one too), who thinks "bring it on" is too insensitive a phrase when challenging terrorists but not at all such when mocking our country's president, who thought Saddam "Master of Miscalculation" Hussein was a threat to our country before thinking he wasn't (as did his flipflopping herrymate), who refused to read the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq before voting for Iraq's liberation before voting against our troops' funding needs there, who ignored warnings he received months before the terrorists attacks informing him of lax security at Boston's Logan International Airport (he says he forwarded a tape—passed the buck, if you will—to the transportation department, although there's no evidence he ever checked back to see if anything was actually being done about it; similar to the way he plans to forward our security concerns to the United Nations, as if that would work any better), who was the last to know what was going on in his campaign after its foreign-policy advisor breached our national security by stealing from our National Archives numerous ultra-top secret documents about airport and seaport security—stuffing them down his pants and into his socks and later destroying several of them (Sandy Berger Burglar just was keeping the files on Boston's Logan International Airport and other hubs "warm" and forgot they were there), who paid his other discredited foreign-policy senior advisor Joe "Yellowcake" Wilson IV the entire cost of operating the president-bashing Web site he used to help him cover up the fact that French and British intelligence agencies—not just our CIA—all concluded that Saddam Hussein clearly was in the process of acquiring weaponizable uranium from Niger, who agrees with his campaign's national-security advisor Bob "Situation of Chaos" Graham's astute assessment that fighting terrorists makes them mad (apparently implying that if we don't bother them, they won't bother us, right?), who had "given aid and comfort to the enemy" (as retired General George S. Patton III himself angrily witnessed along with thousands of others), who stupidly supplied the communist enemy forces in Viet Nam with "the most effective propaganda" that they used against then-POW John McCain and others still being tortured and held captive by them there (John McCain's Virginia campaign chairman and fellow POW Paul Galanti recalls "They kept talking about Vietnam Veterans Against the War, they had seen the right way and blah, blah, blah, and they were on our side, they had crossed over to the peoples' side and all that stuff"—and no doubt if Ho Chi Minh were alive today he'd be another foreign leader endorsing al-Qerry for his "intensifying and prolonging their misery"), who would rather see private, individual Americans unarmed than help fully safeguard their constitutional right to effectively defend themselves against violent criminals and terrorists (his posing with a borrowed $15,000 shotgun can't camouflage the fact that he has a solidly anti-Second Amendment voting record), who joined his hairmate Johnny last March in killing a bill that would've protected every lawful American manufacturer of firearms against frivolous lawsuits filed by fellow Big Trial Lawyers wanting not only to somehow cash in on criminals illegally misusing the products those manufacturers make but to put those manufacturers out of business through a constant barrage of criminals-aren't-to-blame court cases (John & John's votes to attach both an extension and an expansion of al-Qlinton's uncommonly senseless Assault Cosmetically-Scary Weapons Ban™ to that bill helped create a poison pill that obstructed its passage by the Senate), who now protests the Patriot Act (although having voted for it before wanting to vote against it, he and others can't cite one "single case of a documented abuse of anyone's rights because of the Patriot Act"—much less that anyone is "rewriting the Bill of Rights" as al-Qerry falsely claims or that "Law enforcement officers could be entering your house while you are gone - rifling through your possessions - and leaving without ever letting you know they had been there," which he did another big flip-flop on after seeing some poll), who also now opposes preemptive military action against defiant and hostile enemies of international peace and security (flip-flopping from his 1989 stance of "[why can't we take] some kind of preemptive action that could eliminate the capacity of Libya to further develop [chemical arms], similar to what happened with Iraq and the nuclear power plant with Israel?"), who has no better plan for helping Iraqis rebuild their country because he hasn't even bothered visiting Iraq to witness firsthand both their struggles and their successes after ousting a genocidal tyrant (he probably wanted to go before the ouster but wasn't able to make a reservation with Saddam Hussein in time), who offers nothing useful to address the serious threat posed by Iran and North Korea's nuclear weapons programs other than talk, the U.N.—i.e., more talk, and a piece of string (not necessarily in that order), who belittled our country's courageous contract workers over in Iraq—all of whom are risking and even sacrificing their lives to help Iraqis rebuild their own country—when he ran an ad on his and other Web sites claiming that the sole reason those workers are there is "to invade a nation" ("For the first time in history" a candidate for president devalues the sacrifices of fellow citizens volunteering to work in the most dangerous of places for the good of our own and other countries, including heroes like Thomas Hamill), who is overwhelmingly perceived as the murdering terrorists' top choice for president (after losing 3,000 fellow citizens in under two hours, we know a lot more about terrorists than we could ever wish to), who only got a "negative bounce" after receiving his party's presidential nomination at its nationally televised convention (according to USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll—which is unsually low considering that, in 1988, Qerry's former boss Miqhael Duqaqis was ahead by 17 points right after he was nominated, getting roughly half the bounce al-Qlinton got four years later), who accepted that nomination inside the very aptly named "Fleet Fleeting Center," and who, in the words of each and every one of his commanding officers in Viet Nam, is "unfit to be commander-in-chief." Another arrogant, aloof, phony-baloney, boring, and unlikeable Deadheadocrat running for office from his record.

In sum, this someone is clearly a radical liberal extremist whom both the National Journal and Americans for Democratic Action correctly ranked as even more liberal than Ted "Driving Drowning Miss Mary Jo" al-Qennedy. He wants to raise taxes, weaken the Patriot Act, and wait for UN approval before defending our country. Thankfully, our nation remains unwilling to commit Hairy Qerry, which is the only thing he's offering.

Extremist to the end, the Desperatic Party has picked for its final viable presidential candidate someone who always will be remembered as the ultimate loser.

Further reading: Who Is John Kerry?, Myths About John Forbes Kerry, John Kerry's shifting stands, Botox Pitbull, Dems Extreme Makeover, Dhimmicrat leaders before 2004 all say "Saddam was a real threat", The Benchwarmer from Massachusetts, John Kerry: FBI Files, Military Service Records, & CIA Files, Track 'em down: talking points about John Kerry, John Kerry's Trail of Treachery, John Kerry History Page.

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