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Unfair? or Unbalanced?


When it comes to radical extremists such as Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry's favorite shadow Democrat-party co-campaigners at MoveOn.org MooOink.ogre, neither choice is wrong.

Jul 19, 5:59 PM EDT

Advocacy Groups Frothing-at-the-Mouth Radical Nutjobs Challenge Fox News Slogan

Associated Assinined Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- Fox News' use of the slogan "Fair and Balanced" constitutes deceptive advertising, two political advocacy groups claimed Monday in a petition filed with the Federal Trade Commission.

Liberal MoveOn.org and historically nonpartisan Common Cause

"Historically nonpartisan," my Asshaturated Press. Historic ally of Dhimmicrats is more like it.

Commie Cause's (or, as Harvard Law School likes to brag, HLC Cause's) national governing board members include: Barbara R. Arnwine, executive director of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, which sued Florida and several of its counties in 2002 because Gorebot wasn't declared al-Presidente (talk about not MovingOn!); Rebecca Avila, assistant dean of USC's Annenberg School for Communication and board member of Democracy 21 Education Fund (which is funded by George Soros' Open Society Institute); chairperson Derek Bok, former Harvard University president, whose book The Shape of the River says racial preferences are good for universities (something with which Harvard Cheater-Emeritus Teddy "I Killed Mary Jo 35 Years Ago" al-Qennedy wholeheartedly agrees); Margery Bronster, Hawaii's former Attorney General and endorser of Desperats; Michele Demers, president of Tattersall Consulting and former committee director at Human Rights Watch (also funded by George Soros who is a member of its Americas Advisory Committee); Paul Duke, the former host of P[ropaganda]B[ull]S[**t]'s Washing Week in Review and current honorary chairman of Forum 2004 who "called the Bush administration 'the most radical administration we've had in Washington in my lifetime.'" (yeah, real "nonpartisan" there); Thaddeus 'Tad' Foote II, University of Miami's former president (before al-Qlinton's former HHS secretary Donna Shalala took over as its "intellectual guardian") and "a Democrat from Coral Gables"; Margaret Fung, executive director of Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (which gave its "Justice in Action Award" to George Soros' Open Society Institute for being the "logical choice for AALDEF and the APA community."); Jim Goodmon, Capitol Broadcasting Company's president and CEO, friend of fatcat anti-tobacco trial lawyers bandits, and someone who "chipped in $2,000 in 2003 and another $1,000 two years earlier" to the al-Qerrwarts Campaign; Fred Harris, former US Senator from Oklahoma and endorser of Screamin' Deanmon; Charles Kolb, president and CEO of Committee for Economic Development (which "played a major role in getting campaign finance reform passed" including its 60-day pre-election free-speech blackout—gee, thanks), and the author of White House Daze (which condemns the Bush 41 administration for not being a bunch of Social Engineers™) who believes our budget deficit will be "approximately $700 billion every year for the next 75 years" (despite the facts); William Kraus, Citizens Communications' director, described as "the liberal left's favorite Republican"; Jocelyn Larkin, plaintiffs' attorney in "the largest civil rights class action ever certified against a private employer" (now I know why Wal-Mart's prices are higher and John-John's fellow fatcat trial lawyers are much fatter); Eric Liu, former al-Qlinton policy advisor; Harold McDougall, former national legislative director of the NAACP (aka Asshatiation of Bush Booers™); Spencer "Personal Agenda" Overton, law professor and frequent speaker at Hilldabeast's beloved American Constitution Society; William H. Parsons, of Denver's Parsons & Funnell LLP, the same firm that, in
League of Women Voters of Colorado v. Davidson (DOC file), tried to stifle the free-speech rights of the conservative, non-profit corporation Centennial Spirit (wanna place bets that had it been Soros Spirit instead, this firm never would've taken the case?); Robert "Absent-Borders" Pastor, a former al-Qarter NSC director and current militant leftist who "has long been associated with the Institute for Policy Studies, a think tank with close ties to the Soviet KGB and Castro's DGI" (whadda guy!); Richard North Patterson, author of the good(Dhimms)-vs.-evil(Republicans) legal thriller moonbat fantasy Protect and Defend who, along with Tedboat al-Qennedy, wrote a sickeningly glowing review of Bedwarts' book Four Trials Million: My Cut of the Punitive Damages; Bradley S. Phillips, another John-John pal trial lawyer who made sure we have that 60-day pre-election free-speech blackout (stiffling free speech—at least any exercised by conservatives—seems to be the ongoing theme throughout these lawyers' cases, doesn't it?); Martha Phillips, Concord Coalition's former executive director and former Drearycrat staff director of the House Budget Committee; Chellie Pingree, Drivelcrat Leader of Maine's senate; Wendy Marcus Raymont, former program coordinator of Transparency International USA, the group George Soros called "innovative" in the New York Slimes (DOC file); Nancy Rhodes, Rhode Island's Common Cause former president (another arch conservative Republican, no doubt); Phillip R. Rotner, general counsel of Deloitte & Touche LLP (the firm that weighed in on the pro-reverse discrimination side in the University of Michigan Grutter v. Bollinger case which the NAACP Professional BushBooers, Tedmarine al-Qennedy, and Qennedy's pal Chief Judge Boyce Martin of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit—who presided over the case—ensured would go their extremist radical way after they worked together with obstructionists in the Senate to filabuster against filling the deciding-vote vacancy on that appeals court); John Shattuck, former high-level Qlinton administration appointee; Donald M. Stewart, the Spew Pork Rinds Co. board of directors member (a company that just loooooves FOX, by the way) who gave Hilldabeast a medal on her 50th birthday; Daniel Tokaji, California ACLU lawyer who, along with al-Qlinton/al-Bore's pal Laurence Tribe and other radical extremists, tried to delay Governor Gray "Skies" Davis' recall; and Adam Werbach, former president of the Sierra Club who "nonpartisanly" said, "Here we have the most anti-environmental president in history going up against the senate leader on the environment."

How Jake the Journalist can say with a straight face that this Pathetic Left-Wing Conspiracy is nonpartisan, defies even A-Pee's limited brand of reason.

...assert that Fox News' reports are "deliberately and consistently distorted and twisted to promote the Republican Party of the U.S. and an extreme right-wing viewpoint."

As opposed to al-Qerry's twisted promoters at ABCCBSNBCNPRMSNBC®? Just because they actually allow a Republican to speak and not get interrupted and shouted down by four or five barking moonbats at the same time, that's hardly "promotion." It's called "fair and balanced."

Alleging consumer fraud, the complaint calls for the FTC to order Fox News, consistently the highest-rated cable news network, to cease and desist from using the slogan.

Ve vilt orter yuuz tooz beez goots leetle leeb'ral subjeectz. Ja.

Sieg Heil!

Irena Briganti, a Fox News spokeswoman, told The Associated Asswipewhiney Press that "while this is clearly a transparent publicity stunt, we recognize all forms of free speech and wish them well."

The "w" on that last word was supposed to be "h" preceded by "to go to" but the APe man quoted her wrong.

James Kaminski, a former FTC lawyer currently practicing advertising law with Arent Fox Attorneys, sees little chance for the petition, noting that the FTC does not wade in political waters.

"Whether (Fox is) biased or not ... it's a freedom of speech issue," he said.

Freedom? Since when do Radically Raving Extremist MooreOns of the Nth Dimension™ care about freedom? Especially when it involves non-RREMND speech?


Persuant to the official Alwaysconstipated Press Style Manual (New York: Marx & Lennin, 2004 edition), "Without exception, every quote that supports a nonliberal radical viewpoint on any issue shall be followed by the word 'But' and at least two quotes refuting it."

...Chellie Pingree, president of Common Cause, said the legal actions were consistent with the First Amendment. "Fox has no obligation under the law to be fair and balanced, just not to market itself as fair and balanced," he said.

(There's quote #1.)

Even when it is in fact "fair and balanced."

After a press conference announcing the petition, members of MoveOn.org and Common Cause marched goose-stepped to the Fox News Headquarters to hand out DVDs of the recent documentary "Outfoxed," which alleges a pattern of right-wing biases in the network's reporting, citing statements by former Fox employees and internal memos.

Disgruntled former employees, and swiped internal memos saying "we won't be unfair or unbalanced like those biased reporters at AP et al. Please adhere to this policy unless you want to become a disgruntled former employee. Thanks."

The documentary is "Exhibit A" in the FTC petition.

At the press conference, Common Cause's Pingree said the petition was consistent with the 34-year old citizen advocacy group's history

Of activities that are deliberately and consistently distorted and twisted to promote the Demoonbatic Party of the U.S. and an extreme left-wing viewpoint.

..., and a response to the "growing firestorm about what's going on with the media."

(There's quote #2. Jake's now in compliance with his company's style manual. He can stop with the refutational quotes. Although he probably won't....)

The Federal Trade Commission, which hears all consumer complaints, will now judge whether the complaint has merit, a process that could take months.

On or after November 3, 2004. Should've filed earlier, you "nonpartisan" Dorkorats. Or at least read Democratic Underpants more often. The barking moonies over there came up with this idea right after FOX became a bright, sharp contrast to the biasly spun bilge coming out your beloved lamestream media.

Mitch Katz of the FTC's Office of Public Affairs would not comment directly on the petition, but did acknowledge that a label like "fair and balanced" may be inherently subjective.

Which, legally speaking, means that "inherent subjectivity" has absolutely no bearing on the merits (i.e., lack thereof) of the MootOn-Commie Cause's petition one way or the other. Else he wouldn't have given you that ex-parte comment.

Fox has sought to trademark its "Fair and Balanced" motto, which also has been met with legal action.

Independent Media Institute, a not-for-profit promoter of independent journalism, filed a petition last December with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office challenging Fox's trademark request.

The IMI's petition claims that the term "fair and balanced" is so prevalent as to be generic, and is "entirely mis-descriptive" when it comes to Fox News.

What does a trademark application have to do with these loony consumer fraud allegations? A non sequitur if there ever was one.

FOX's application is made in good faith. The only decision before the U.S. trademark office is whether the phrase is unique enough (like Velcro®, Pledge®, Jolly Green Giant®, or "I'd walk a mile for a Camel"™) to warrant that exclusive-use status. Not whether it accurately describes the producer or its brands.

Last summer, Fox News Channel tried to block publication of liberal humorist Al Franken's book, "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right," saying it made unauthorized use of Fox's "fair and balanced" slogan.

Didn't you just say "Fox has sought to trademark" its motto? That would imply it hasn't been officially trademarked yet. No wonder al-Frankenstein could get away with using it. Just like I could title this blog "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" with an image of a friendly-looking corpulent tiger right next to it and not get sued, had Exxon just applied for but not yet received registration of that trademark.

Just because you work for AP, Jake, doesn't mean you have to get all your facts wrong.

...Ok, so maybe it does.

The judge dismissed Fox's case, saying it was "wholly without merit,"

Because their motto hasn't been officially registered yet. Fox has only "sought" to register it, remember?

...and the trademark "Fair and Balanced," registered by Fox in 1998,

Which is it, Jake? Are they seeking to trademark it or is it actually registered? With flip-flops like these, you need to be reassigned to covering al-Qerry.

...was weak. He also said the network was "trying to undermine the First Amendment."

FOX can't "undermine the First Amendment" but Commie Cause can, is that it?

When are you radical extremist liberals ever going to figure out that sensible people are fed up with your trying to always have it both ways. That's the "growing firestorm" you're seeing.

As far as your consumer fraud case, I'd have more luck filing one against MoveOn.not for consistently and miserably failing to do anything that can be reasonably described in even the remotest sense as "moving on," or against Commie Cause for never "holding power accountable" when it comes to radical left extremists like itself and others belonging to or closely associated with the Desperatic Party.

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