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Congress Takes Laws Off the Books All the Time


No law is sacrosanct.


f all the lame excuses proffered by the Øfascist regime during the alleged "Shutdown!" — including why Øbonkers "had" to close the World War II memorial, because only park policemen know CPR but they've been furloughed, but yes local 911 calls can still be made, and yes local ambulances are still only minutes away, and... oh, never mind — this one about Øfascist"Care" being Teh Law Of Teh Land So There!, outlames them all. That's such an extremely desperate reach, even the fascist totalitarians making it should be completely embarrassed. Although, it should come as no surprise, they're also too cluelessly idiotic not to be.

Øfascist"Care" itself obliterated numerous laws inside its 2,700 pages. That's why practically every other provision of it says, "Section so-and-so of Title such-and-such is hereby amended by replacing it entirely with the following...." Out with the old law, in with the new.

This is what Congress does. If it finds that a law is unworkable, unaffordable, unfair, uncaring, unprotective, unhelpful, or just plain un-American — in Øfascist"Care"'s case, replace that last "or" with "and" — Congress has the power, thanks to our Constitution, to take it forever off the books effective immediately.

But let's look at this Ø Holy Tehlawoftehlandsothere! so blindly and fanatically worshiped solely by Demøcrooks, mindless liberals, tinhorn dictators, and fascist totalitarians(birm). If it's so good and wonderful, why are they busily exempting themselves from its major requirements? Because it's clear they're extremely godawful — both Demøcrooks and those requirements — that's why. Demøfascist members of Congress and their staffs know if they don't exempt themselves, their paychecks will suffer such tremendous blows they'll each have to quit or retire "spend more time with my family." Of course, they grant none of us mere peasants the same special privilege. How could they? We're the suckers ones they've been waiting for to pay all the changed taxes they need so yes they can fund all their luxurious exemptions. Yes the rest of us can just each cake.

On top of their interminable McJobsful "recovery," Demøfascists' exalted Law Without End Amen™ is also destroying good-paying full-time jobs. So badly in fact, Demøcorrupt pResident Øfascist resorted to repealing and replacing, without Congress's approval, the very Holy Dates on which its Inviolable Provisions are required to take effect. He ignored his own Teh Law Of Teh Land So There! and pushed back those Unchangeable Dates past next year's congressional elections, when it'll be too late for you to take back any ballots you unwisely cast for Demøfascist senators and congressmøbsters whose unworkable, unaffordable Teh Law Of Teh Land So There! had left your employer no choice but to make you a part-time worker or fire you. How convenient for them.

Of course, yes you can look førward to the convenience of having even less money to personally keep track of after their Teh Law Of Teh Land So There! forces you to pay shockingly higher health insurance premiums. But Øjobskiller will always let you eat more cake.

As yes you can clearly see, if ever a law of the land needed killing, it's Øfascist"Care".

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