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Our Great Depression


Obama did build that. He made that happen.


he only reason we're all in this Øbungler Depression together is there's this Worst. pResident. Ever. in our lives. He, more than anybody else, "helped" to create this unbelievably long period of high unemployment that we have that forced and still is forcing Americans to suffer. He spent like the drunken Demøcrook that he is, wasting trillions of our dollars on reckless boondoggles.

Let him be absolutely clear: "Shovel-ready was not as... uh... shovel-ready as we expected."

He tried his extremist plan, and it failed everybody — miserably.

Everybody, that is, except greedy, selfish Big Green bandits and corrupt Big Union vultures — a.k.a. his campaign donors.

While "good" at starting fires and burning everything down to the ground, Baracklutz Harebrain Øblewit and his whole extremarxist Dumbøcomrade Party freak show couldn't put out a match if every one of them had his/her/other own fire service.

First they "promised"lol to "cut the deficit in half."

Except BØnehead the Blunderer-n-Thief hasn't — not even close — and instead has racked up more debt than any previous president since the founding of this country. In terms of outstanding debt, he's added more of it than all 43 of them combined. In one year alone he issued as much new debt as all the other governments of the world combined.

That's not what you do when you "want to give something back."

Øbraindead's plan "worked," all right. Worked at putting tons of us out of work.

They also lied about all the jobs they would "create or save."

For 41 straight months, Backward Øharmful the Causer o' Grief created and maintained a jobless rate higher than 8 percent. Nobody else has made that happen since the last Great Depression.

Also, yes Øblockhead did build that average 9 percent unemployment he's inflicted on all of us throughout his soon to be expiring one term. When President Bush had the keys, it averaged 5 percent. Moreover, if you've looked for a job since Øblamesomebodyelse took office, you should always be struck by the fact that he reduced your chance of finding one by two-thirds. His plan worked!

As if that wasn't bad enough, our Jobskiller-in-Chief has made it absolutely clear he hadn't spent even one nanosecond "thinking" about the record number of Americans who've been out of work for more than six months. Or the record number of households that have at least one member looking for a job. Or any of the eight millions workers who dropped out of the labor market and still has no hope of getting a job. Or even the number of part-time workers. Because if he had, he'd have to confess our real unemployment rate is 15 percent.

It's the Øbreakdown of the great American jobs machine. Instead of doing anything yes he can to help rebuild it, he's purposefully done everything yes he could to break it down. And, no, he can't say somebody else made that happen.

So it is all Big Øbamistake's fault that fewer Americans are working today than in the year 2000. Which is quite an "accomplishment" when you consider there were 31 million less Americans back then and 11.4 million less workers in our labor force.

The only real question left is who would want to let Øfelon keep his job when so many of us have lost ours?

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"They also lied about all the jobs they would "create or save.""

In the donks defense, the beauty about the semantic statistical invention of "saved jobs" is that you can't really lie about the number since it's not truly quantifiable. You can assert that invisible magical unicorns saved everybody's jobs and take credit for 100% job "saving". Any job that hasn't actively been destroyed by the obamamessiah is a job saved by him. It doesn't contradict the fact that fewer Americans are working now than when he took office, but he & his acolytes will just blame GWBush for the job losses.
Similar to the way Demøcrack-heads scream bloody murder when anyone proposes decreasing a projected increase in government spending. The spending is still going up, just not at the exorbitant rate Deludedrats want. But still they'll call it a "spending cut."

Republicans ought to submit a bill that would increase Medicare spending by $18 trillion. When even Dødorats say no we can't do that, every Republican should accuse them of declaring war on seniors. Just to show two can play that senseless game.

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