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Party of Choice, My A**


Forced to Buy v. Right to Choose


his isn't auto insurance. There's nothing in our laws that says I must drive. So I can avoid buying such insurance by choosing to walk, ride bicycles, or even roller-blade everywhere.

But the government Demoqrat Regime holding a gun to my head and forcing me to buy "health insurance" simply because I must breathe, constitutes under color of law the clearest definition and application of slavery or involuntary servitude.

Essentially an unconstitutional federal Head Tax, complete with regressively penalizing Bills of Attainder, this usurpation of our powers also violates the Fourth Amendment's prohibition against unreasonable seizures as well as the people's Right to Privacy — their Right to Be Left Alone, free of unwarranted public intrusion into and jurisdiction and control over their individual lives and most strictly personal decisions.

Moreover, a conscious person's Right to Refuse Any Medically-Related Assistance, regardless the manner or form, is so sacrosanct that violations of it would breach every health professional's oath.

When such violations are demanded by the people's own government, they further breach the most fundamental of all compacts between it and them: that governments' just powers cannot be derived except from the Consent of the Governed.

However they're viewed, there is no due process in these deprivals of our lives, liberties, and property; nor any just compensation with the attendant takings of our private property for so-called public use when that use promises only unreasonably increasing costs, unduly decreasing freedoms, unprecedented mountains of unconscionably harmful debt, and unavoidable rationing that egregiously risks both life and limb.

But since we're talking about what the Demofascist Party's führer and its other misleaders want to do for to us, all of this is irrelevant.

Rights, choice, due process, freedoms, just compensation, just powers, consent.

None of these is in any Dictatorat's private vocabulary.

Absolute, unquestioned power is both sole means and sole end to his very existence as an allegedly human being, not merely as an actually tyrannical commissar or functionary in some fascist utopia created of, by, and for him and his accessories before, during, and after the fact, where every philosophical difference or uninhibited exercise of any personal freedom is or ought to be an infamous crime, if not a capital offense.

Forced into having no choice at all means that, no, none can see any prospect of hope or change he may need in the future.

Thanks once again, oh, so much, 52'ers Filthy-Tubers.

You've made G. Pavlov Soro$ and his D.C. cabana boys and girls marionettes very, very happy.

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