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Still Blaming Bush Much?


Yeah, that's a real "Change!!!1!1ONE!!111!1!"


o, had President Bush not made the tough decision — the kind of decision, Former Senator Øfascist, your weaselly cowardly lying incompetent two-faced appeasing surrender-monkey weak-kneed teleprompter-for-brains America-endangering terrorist-aiding-and-comforting miserably-failing whimpering apologetic freakish self could never in a billion years muster a trillionth of the same courage to make — to put captured muslim terrorists in a place that they couldn't escape from, that none of their murderous muslim pals could hope to break them out of, that would follow the letter and spirit of our laws prohibiting their entry onto U.S. soil, and that, most importantly, gave our interrogators the best chance to extract from them all their real and present plans for slaughtering even more American men, women, and children, and to thus keep every one of us safe, then you wouldn't be trying so hard now to put all those muslim terrorists back on our streets where, yes, they can kill our families, neighbors, and coworkers or on foreign battlefields where, yes, they can kill our brave Combat Troops.

How about this?: Had those muslim terrorists not been members of the stateless cabal of muslim cowards which mass-butchered our families, neighbors, coworkers, fellow citizens, and guests on September 11, 2001 — a date that will forever live in infamy everywhere except in your and your fellow totalitarian fascist Democowardic Party members' "minds" — then President Bush wouldn't have ever needed to make that tough decision regarding them.

Or this?: Had BiIsIs al-Qlinton done his job of protecting the American people instead of ineffectually "responding" to attack after attack against our Troops and interests by that same cabal of muslim cowards all on his watch, then those muslim terrorists wouldn't have ever been capable or emboldened enough to plan, much less carry out, the mass slaughter of our families, neighbors, coworkers, fellow citizens, and guests on or anytime after September 11, 2001.

Better yet: Had your mother stayed with your muslim father in Kenya or with your muslim step-father in Indonesia instead of leaving them and abandoning you to her mother to raise your hate-filled, ungrateful, racist, cocaine-snorting, empty-suit and -headed self, then we wouldn't have a dangerously incompetent, irresponsible, miserably failing, weakling, lying, fascist, totalitarian, treasonous bastard in the White House threatening the safety and security of all Americans with utterly insane plans to put all those muslim terrorists back on our streets where, yes, they can kill our families, neighbors, and coworkers or on foreign battlefields where, yes, they can kill our brave Combat Troops.

That last had is definitely the change we needed most of all.

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