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Huckabee wins Louisiana


Washington not called. Reuters:

Huckabee wins Louisiana Republican presidential vote

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won the Louisiana Republican primary on Saturday, notching up another Southern victory in his bid to become the party's presidential candidate in the November general election, CNN projected early Sunday.

he 20 delegates from Louisiana "will attend the Republican National Convention officially unpledged" since no candidate received over 50%. TheGreenPapers.com:

If a candidate receives a majority (more than 50%) of the statewide vote, that candidate is allocated 20 delegates.

Otherwise, the 20 delegates will attend the Republican National Convention officially unpledged to any candidate. These delegates will be elected at the State Convention [on Saturday, February 16] where the participants at the State Convention will alone determine if presidential preference is to be a factor in such choice and, if so, how it is to be applied.

Washington state officials have paused the counting with 83% of the total tallied. They will resume and finish the count later this morning.

Update (10:10 AM)

"Romney's conservative support has switched to Huckabee." AP:

Huckabee wins two, McCain wins [if you call ~25% of the vote a "win"] one

Washington (AP) [Septuagenarian señátor from Aztlán] John McCain Juan Shamnesty MqQain III has flunked his first ballot test....

A persistent [Governor] Mike Huckabee beat him in two of the three GOP contests Saturday. The preacher and former Arkansas governor captured nearly 60 percent of the vote in the caucuses in Kansas.

[Governor Huckabee] also won in Louisiana, although McCain MqQain scored a narrow victory [~25% of the vote's a "victory"?] in Washington state....

Exit polls yesterday show McCain MqQain remains very unpopular among Republicans who consider themselves very conservative.... Saturday's vote indicates most of [Governor] Romney's conservative support has switched to [Governor] Huckabee.

It's obvious that had Governor Willard Mitt Romney dropped out before South Carolina instead of lingering on and siphoning off votes from Governor Huckabee, the latter would've handily won South Carolina (Governor Huckabee almost beat Señior [citizen of Ari- Mexizona] Señátor MqQain there, coming within 3 percentage points of doing so), may have won Florida, and certainly would've easily won Missouri (8,000 votes were all that El Ol' MqQain "won" by) and who knows how many other states.

It's also obvious the señior señátor from Aztlán cannot win in the South, where an energetic and youthful Senator Barack Hussein Obama is already very, very strong, and where Governor Huckabee has repeatedly beaten him.

Clearly the Geriatric Gringo™, even with his illegal-alien "voting" block, would hand the Republican Party its worst presidential defeat since Juan Shamnesty MqQain III's birth over 70 years ago.

For the good of the party, Señior Señátor MqQain should gracefully drop out of the race now before he does even more damage to the GOP.

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