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Congratulations, al-Qaeda


Save our souls, Lord.

had counted, al-Qeada, on at least a majority of my fellow voters in each of our states to help me protect my family from you. But when and where it counted most, they let me down. They let us all down.

A people determined to forget what you did to us as well as to the families of three thousand of our neighbors — a pampered, spoiled people who treats almost everything like it was some game created for their personal gain or amusement, or some episode of another TV-reality show that entertains them for a while but in the end doesn't really matter — a self-absorbed, unserious people that, if they don't like what they're seeing, just changes the channel or pops in their favorite DVD, feeling none of it really affects them, or pops a disfavored "bum's" head and changes a Congress just as insensibly — such a people neither any of them nor I have the right to ever again call Americans.

You knew you had no hope of destroying us yourself from without. You knew that's something we'd have to do ourselves, from within. The only thing it cost you were a few tens of thousands of your men. Men you'll now have no trouble replacing given what's about to transpire:

It's too late to warn ourselves that our country has never emerged clearly victorious from a major war during which the White House or either house of our Congress changed parties. It's clearly not as if most of the people who reside here would've done anything other than get quickly bored by such historical facts, anyway, just as they will about these:

A majority vote of the House of Representatives is all that it takes to impeach a president for any reason, or to deny any passage of funds for this World War. Once those are done, the game will turn to higher taxes for more socialism, to "protecting undocumented workers" and leaving our borders vulnerable to not just them but you, and to forgetting as quickly as possible what we as a people had vowed once never to.

It's worse because doing everything it takes to truly protect our families is now something we've entrusted more to your desires and intentions than to our own. I know it's not only selfish but extremely foolish to ask that those include not attacking this or that city with a radiological bomb or worse because my family happens to live in them. It's what you're bound to do more than ever exactly because the people you call your enemy have chosen to make it easier for you. Besides, it's not as if corpse-filled streets running through whole city blocks or neighborhoods lying completely devastated is another video they won't soon try to turn off also.

I began this blog on March 11, 2004. I seriously doubt there are more than a few left in this country who still remember that date's significance. I started it with the sincere hope and prayer that it would, even if only in a small way, help stave off the natural inclination of any people caught in a desperate war to retreat en masse from the reality of its hardships and pains and to seek at least an illusion of normalcy and comfort — a self-induced, self-serving "utopia," if you will. I am looking only in the mirror when I say, although the people residing inside this country's borders waited a full five years before doing what the Spanish did after just five days, my own best efforts weren't good enough. Total and lasting victory is now out of reach for both peoples. Nothing short of a major miracle will change that.

You knew what it took to manipulate us too into giving you what you wanted most. Consequently, there's only one clear winner emerging from Tuesday's elections, and it isn't any of us.

It's why you're marking 15 Shawwal 1427 or 16 Aban 1385 (7 November 2006, on our calendar) in your history books as Victory in Terrorism Day.

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