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Get Dems out of the way


so we can get some work done.

hen a building catches fire, firefighters show up to put out the fire and save everyone inside. Guess who else often shows up? Gawkers. Nosy busybodies who happen to be in the area but have nothing better to do than moan and complain and generally get in the way of what the firefighters and other rescue workers are trying to accomplish. Reporters show up too. Not just to cover the fire but to be on the lookout for a more juicy story, such as any mistakes they hope they'll see firefighters making. These jeernalists give much column space and airtime, and therefore credence, to whatever an overly-critical, do-nothing spectator clamoring to get in front of any microphone says. They quote endlessly these gadabouts' statements that firefighters "mishandled the job," "took their time arriving," somehow "made the fire worse," or other speculations, knee-jerk reactions and outright fabrications which show, instead, their obvious, complete ignorance. Such shenanigans, purposefully conducted in proximity to the actual scene while it includes the only folks who have any real business being there—just to provide reporters smearmongers a dramatic backdrop, not only hinder those folks' work but endanger firefighters, victims, reporters and bystanders alike. The latter must be removed entirely from that scene so firefighters won't be obstructed in carrying out their duties.
“They're so crooked you'll have to screw them into the ground when they die.”

Fortunately, we won't have to do much to get the Dhimmigawkers out of the way of our real leaders who are going about their job of putting out the fires of terrorist threats, Social Security insolvency, energy-supply deficiencies, and everything else that presently or potentially poses a genuine harm to our nation. Dhimmis have taken it upon themselves to do practically all the heavy lifting dropping in this regard themselves:

They're digging their own grave with a shovel they bought from Sorosmoveon Hardware Store. They're jumping into it themselves like crazed lemmings. They're pulling out a gun they rented from CCCP Gun Shop, loading it with bullets they took from the sample bin at Howlindean's Ammo Mart, and shooting themselves in their own heads. The only thing left for us to do afterwards is cover up that bloody mess with dirt then fill in the rest of their grave—preferably leaving it unmarked (except perhaps with copious amounts of a certain kind of yellowish liquid). Or, if we must mark it with something a bit more solid, how about this?

courtesy Original Tombstone Generator (via Jim Treacher)

Then a national party that has real plans (other than on how to fool us into giving them unchallengeable power), not to mention members with measurably functional brain cells, will have a good chance to be born, to rise up in its place and help restore our body politick to one based mainly on the free marketplace of ideas, strengthening it and expanding its benefits for all through actual, fair competition.

I don't want to work with these moonbatty lunatics who have run the Dhimmicratic Party straight crookedly into the ground. I don't want to compromise with, condone any actions of, coddle, comfort, or express any compassion for their lot. I don't want to intervene on their behalf or show them any mercy as they work ceaselessly to harm themselves and others. They've placed themselves forever outside all such considerations. I want them thoroughly, completely, absolutely, entirely and permanently out the way.

They have proven themselves unworthy of running a political party that has any true power in this country.

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