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This Election


The choice couldn't be more clear.

Freedom Leads

Freedom Leads

Tyrants Lead

Tyrants Lead

oting is a right we citizens enjoy today solely because our forefathers were willing to fight and sacrifice to secure the blessings of liberty for not only themselves but their descendants as well. It is a gift repaid in part each and every time a citizen casts his or her ballot in our elections. How we vote sets in motion a course of events that ultimately affects the measure of fighting and sacrifice needed to pass those liberties on to the next generation. Whether this measure is lowered or raised depends on whom we choose to lead us. That is true for every election. More than ever for this one. Weak leadership during the 1990s set us up for higher levels of fighting and sacrifice today. Thankfully, strong leadership has turned that around and is now lowering it even further. It is a course we must, for the sake of our lives in this country as we know them, stay on during the rest of this decade.

President Bush has kept us and our nation safe throughout these trying past three years. He is acting to ensure that we completely win this war against all bloodthirsty madmen of this world so our children's generation won't ever have to fight it themselves.

Opposing every one of those efforts is Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry.

John Qerry is the only person in the world who believes that terrorism was somehow just "a nuisance" in the past, who wants us to go backwards to a time when America foolishly brushed it off as such and ignored it at our own peril. As a consequence, he hires people who laughably lump World War IV with the so-called war on poverty and the war on drugs, as if it was just another metaphorical war. One can only wonder what he thinks the men and women jumping to their deaths from the top floors of the burning World Trade Center is a metaphor for.

He has called World War IV "an exaggeration," to which his own hairmate John Gone Qerrwarts responded:

It's just hard for me to see how you can say there's an exaggeration when thousands of people lost their lives on September the 11th.

Terrorist wolves trying to circle around our children still appreciate Qerry's remark.

For a person who keeps touting his so-called plans, Hanoi John has none when it comes to saying how he could do a better job compared to the successes and accomplishments of our tested wartime president. No amount of duck-n-shoot camouflage Qerry wears or that's provided for him by CBS, ABC, and other Partisan Activist Media can blend into any nuanced background these stark actions and statements by Qerry himself:

Qerry says Iraq has nothing to do with World War IV, that it is "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time." He puts his head in the sand when he ignores how beheaders like al-Qaeda terrorist Zarqawi were being sheltered in that country by Saddam Hussein himself:

Abu Musab Zarqawi was killing Americans for years before the coalition of the willing invaded Iraq, deposed Saddam Hussein and cleared his killing fields. The United States asked Saddam in early 2003 to extradite Zarqawi for killing an American diplomat on the streets of Amman. Saddam declined, as expected, because even then Zarqawi was setting up his terrorist organization in Baghdad

He belittles our soldiers there who are hunting and fighting this terrorist madman for participating in, as he puts it, "a colossal mistake." He uses those same soldiers as a mere prop for his protest votes in the Senate aimed at denying our soldiers the armor and weapons they need to defeat beheaders like Zarqawi. Worse, Qerry tells us that Iraq is otherwise merely "a diversion."

These kind of terror assessments by Qlinton Administration officials during the 'Nineties ultimately led to the planned, horrific murder of 3,000 Americans and other nationals on September 11, 2001.

Now John Qerry hires many of these same officials to be his advisers. This is what al-Qerry wants to go back to, a place from which already 3,000 men, women, and children won't ever be returning. To ensure that no more won't be either, we must never go back there. We must never depend on unreliable or false allies like France which scam the United Nations into making decisions that give tyrants a pass and threaten international peace and security. We must never allow these pretenders of peace and panderers for a phony world community to halt the liberation of oppressed countries and the progress of individual liberty unfolding before our eyes in the Middle East. Progress that is in no small part due to the strong leadership of President George W. Bush.

That is what's at stake in this election. Do we let the cause of individual freedom determine our course, or the plans of dictators, tyrants, corrupt nations, and government bureaucrats decide it?

The choice is in your hands.

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