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Dhimm in the Mirror


Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry blames President Bush. Tomstuctionist Daschole blames the Republicans. Al-Sharptongue blames now-murdered "Joooo Interlopers." Dhimmicrats blame America. Without even a sidelong glance, they've all passed through the looking glass.

iving themselves a pass for everything that ails them politically and socially, liberals in the Demagoguerat Party and Morguestream Media are putting on their Hollow-weenie masks early this year (on top of the ones they always wear), A-Peeing all over themselves (as well as whizzing what little remains of their trustworthiness all down their legs), and frightening even the moonbats in their own belfries with their hell-bent plan to skip right past offering any razor-riddled treats and inflict on all Americans their electioneering tricks. What they forgot to do before heading out the door to figuratively terrorize every neighborhood was take a long, hard look at themselves.

Thinking Feeling that Florida hadn't been scared enough by three consecutive direct hits from hurricanes, that state's Dhimmicratic-controlled counties—having themselves decided not to replace their hanging/dimpled/pregnant chad-prone voting machines with much more reliable equipment, simply because they just had to "provide" yet another costly public swimming pool and other vote-buying goodies—are now blaming "Republican fraud" for such malfeasance. As the Gross Demoqratiq Product is mainly composed of trial lawyers, they're churning out record amounts of this fungal growth and importing it into these counties to harass Florida's poll workers and disrupt its democratic process. Never ones to MoveOn, Dhimmicrats feverishly want to fight the last war all over again, feeling that if can just they make America lose or lose more badly they'll win. The same holds true for their loss in Florida. "It's payback, America! We'll see you in court." This time, however, the good guys stand ready to send these Trial-or-Treat "swat teams" away empty-handed and keep the state of Florida and the rest of our country safe for democracy once again.

Hanoi John, who is also a trial lawyer, condemns Iraq's interim prime minister Allawi for not being scared enough. There are goblins everywhere "pouring into" Iraq, al-Qerry said. "Your good-guy costume, Allwai, doesn't mislead me like I say I've been misled all along about conditions there. You're doomed, you hear me. Doomed!" Talk about exagerating the threat of terrorism. It's you who's doing it there, Mamma's tBoy. The goblins (what's left of them) are still thanking Flopface for that early treat.

Rule Atop the Rubble

“’Tis better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven”
John Milton (1608-1674),
Paradise Lost.

Demonrats turned loose on the countryside by a Libstream Media ever willing to help them escape their insane asylum inane ass lyin', are now so extremely desperate they're no longer content just to blame the unprecedented number of Republican supporters and voters for all their ills. They're vandalizing that party's offices in Ohio, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Montanna, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. They stormed one in Florida, injuring those inside, and another in Wisconsin. They even fired their guns assault handguns and assault shotguns at ones in West Virginia and Tennessee, and at a Republican candidate's headquarters in Alaska. They've now MovedOn to take aim at our homes, our signs, our yards and our property to exact their violent revenge, as well as physically assaulting us and threatening us at our private ceremonies and aboard our airline flights. Even our soldiers returning home from Iraq are targeted. This extreme level of violence defies any EverybodyDoesIt™ excuse or argument because only Dhimmoonbats are perpetrating such viscous crimes against us and our property. With their escalating acts of insurgency, what's next? How far will they go? Improvised Explosive Devices that they'll detonate under passing cars full of Republicans' children?

Their rising violence leaves one wondering whether we should be more concerned with pre-election attacks from Desperatic activists than from al-Qaeda.

This should come as no surprise, however, to anyone who has witnessed Dhimmis switch candidates just weeks before an election in defiance of written state law (New Jersey 2002), or boo Republican guests at a memorial service political pep rally for one of their candidates (Minnesota 2002), or hold our nation's electoral process hostage for weeks on end as they tried to get a state court to steal the presidency for them (2000). The Drowningrats will say and do anything and everything to get power because power is the one thing—the only thing—they want. It is an end unto itself for them; and any and all means to it are, in their minds braindead jack-o-lanterns, completely justified. If it takes bringing down the entire country—razing our nation until nothing remains of it but rubble—they wouldn't hesitate for a moment to resort to that. So long as they get to reign over whatever's left. Power is the only thing that matters now to Demonazirats.

They may not be trying to wear any costumes on the 31st. They won't need to. You can still easily spot them by just looking for all the Mad Hatters dressed in bunny suits coming out the same rabbit hole that Dhimmicrats continue to dig deeper for themselves.

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