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Qerry's Qondescending Tone


"I could care less about the tone in Washington."—Dhimmoonbatic National Chairman Terrorence McAwful

epublicans care. A clear majority of us American electors obviously know they do. That's why we keep hiring them everywhere from our state houses and Nation's Capitol to our governors' mansions and White House to faithfully administer our governments.

We also get McAwful's message loud and clear that the Desperats simply don't care. And not just about the tone in D.C. Dhimms don't care about Social Security (Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry in the debate last night said he has no plan—a first!—to keep the program from going bankrupt when, just a decade from now, baby-boomer retirees will have only a couple of still-working Americans paying for each of their pensions). Doperats don't care about TheChildren® either (Qerry also said the president's No Child Left Behind Act isn't working because—get this—every bad school that doesn't care whether kids get a quality education or not is being punished, while the schools that do care are being rewarded, to the delight of all parents everywhere). Duperats could care less about being tolerant and sensitive as well (Qerry's cheap shot and low blow of bringing up the Vice President's lesbian daughter like she was some sort of political football illustrates just how far Hanoi John is willing to sink). Even when it comes to the War on Terror Islamofascist Nazis, the SurrenDerats don't give a flip or even a flop about our doing whatever it takes to totally defeat this viscous, mass-murdering enemy (Qerry believes it's more important that we pass some Global Test FrUNch Test before we can "legitimately" do anything to protect ourselves—even as he personally runs away from that fight).

Only one thing the Dictatorats do care about, and that's Power—with a capital PEE (as in the kind they want to run down your backs and tell you that it's rain). Higher taxes they do care about, consequently, because that means more money—and thus power—for a much larger government they want to use to control every aspect of how we all act, think, and live. But we've refused to give them any such power because they continue to insult our common sense, deride our institutions, our values, and our very way of life, undermine our country's war efforts, oppose and obstruct needed reforms, and, most of all, violate our trust.

So (Self-)Destructorats are extremely desperate and willing to lie about themselves and our president to fool you into casting your precious vote for them so they can get that Sole Thing Dhimmis Want™ (i.e., Power). For examples: al-Qerry said President Bush never met with the Congressional Black Caucus despite the fact that the president has; Qerry says his being an Altar a Qhoir Boy before his becoming an Abortion Advocate "has made a difference to me" yet wants every potential federal judge to pass the Qerry Abortion Litmus Test® before he'll approve his or her appointment; plus Qerry still refuses to release all his still-hidden 96 pages of military records despite questions about an unusual "board of officers" review mentioned in his partially released records which indicates Qerry was not honorably discharged from the Naval Reserve. (Speaking of records, tomorrow is TeRAVEzah Heinz-Qerry Billionaire Tax Filing Day; so it's high time that the American people see all those records too just as they've seen the income tax records of all other presidential candidates' spouses.)

Between Qerry's no record of anything other than pandering words, unkeepable promises, and plans litanies of blame, and President Bush's strong record of real results, kept promises, and true accomplishments, last night's debate was one more slam dunk for our president. Sir Banagor sums it up best:

Kerry seemed agitated this time, wiping his botoxed brow, smiling a sickly slash of death which we can refer to as his "mouth". He seemed as pinched as his newly smoothed face for this appearance—extremely flat; plastic; uninteresting; featureless.

Bush appeared sing-songy at times, but that's okay. He was upbeat. He threw in some really great punches. He body slammed a few times. You gotta love some of his retorts—especially about the Gulf War I. Kerry looked...uncomfortable with that.


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