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President Bush abolished gender apartheid in Afghanistan


What has Junior Senator John Qerry ever done for women's rights that can even begin to compare?

omen's right to vote is now the law of the land in Afghanistan. So is the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, which the now-democratic Afghan government ratified last year. Burqas are no longer the required dress of women. Nor are women stoned any more for showing an ankle. They can all go to school now and get an education. No woman is shot at half-time during local soccer games because she dared defend herself against an abusive husband.

Where was NOW or the so-called Democratic Party while all this unprecedented progress on behalf of women's rights was going on? That's easy enough to answer.

This may come as a shock to no one, but Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization of Women, was out there complaining and blaming President Bush all along about—that's right—failing to stand up for women's rights:

In only three-and-a-half years, George W. Bush and the right-wing leadership in Congress have undermined and eroded more than four decades of advancements for women. . . . We are declaring a State of Emergency for women's rights and calling upon all of our allies and supporters to get involved in the election process to put an end to the relentless attacks on women.

In the real world, President Bush stopped forever the Taliban's truly relentless attacks against the entire female population of Afghanistan, thus ending an actual State of Emergency for women's rights in that country. You're welcome, NOW.

Our president sums it up best:

Think about what happened in Afghanistan. It wasn't all that long ago that the Taliban ran that country. Young girls couldn't even go to school. They were not only harboring terrorists, they had this dark ideology of hate. And people showed up in droves to vote. Freedom is powerful. People have gone from darkness to light because of liberty. The first voter in the Afghan presidential election was a 19-year-old woman.

"Thank you, Mr. President. The women of Afghanistan couldn't have advanced that far without your steadfast, principled leadership," said Mz. Gandy nowhere on record.

And it's a remarkable advancement for Afghan women and girls, too; far from what any nonliberal would consider a real undermining and erosion by the Taliban of their rights:

Before the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan following the attacks of September 11, the Taliban regime was the gold standard for horrifying treatment of women. The burqa became the symbol of female oppression. It was invoked by women's rights activists of various stripes worldwide as the worst of the worst. The writer Azar Nafisi quotes a woman functionary of the straitlaced Iranian regime as saying, "Look at Somalia or Afghanistan. Compared to them, we live like queens."

Saying that Iranian women—who are hung for fornicating—had it better, shows just how much of an advancement in rights that President Bush made possible for all the women of Afghanistan.

Even NOW recognized this before its leaders thought that helping women there might be a bad thing for their organization politically:

In 2001, NOW regularly issued "Action Alerts" on the plight of Afghan women. One of them reported that—

when the Taliban took over the capital city of Kabul in September 1996, it issued an edict that stripped women and girls of their rights, holding the Afghan people hostage under a brutal system of gender apartheid. . . . Women were prohibited from being seen or heard. The windows of their homes were painted, and they could not appear in public unless wearing the full-body covering, the burqa. Women were beaten for showing a bit of ankle or wearing noisy shoes.

Fast forward to October 9, 2004, when about 4 million women voted for the first time ever in Afghanistan....

The folks over at NOW seem even less enthusiastic about the progress in Afghanistan. The NOW "Issues" page headed "Women in Afghanistan" hasn't been updated for two-and-a-half years. And there is no mention of the Afghan election on the main pages of the NOW website. Calls requesting a statement went unreturned.

President Bush has done such a monumental job advancing the rights of Afghan women that the issue is not even on NOW's radar screen any more. "Thank you, Mr. President," Mz. Gandy would say if she weren't such a blatantly partisan dipstick.

Of course, NOW's parent company—the Dhimmicratic Party—would also rather see Afghan women shut up, wear their burqas, not vote, and return to being half-time entertainment at soccer games. If its rank-and-file had their way, that's exactly what Afghani women would be doing right now because there would never have been an ultimatum demanding that the Taliban hand over Osama bin Laden—or for that matter, any kind of invasion to liberate the Afghan people for fear that we might somehow steal all their oil. "Better that Afghanistan's oil is free from harm than any of its women," a Dhimmicrat spokesperson wanted to type in a memo at the time before realizing he wouldn't be able to transmit it to DNCBS's Dan Rather's Selectric All-In-One scan/copy/fax machine before the invasion.

Fortunately for all the girls and women of Afghanistan, President Bush is prevailing against NOW and the Defeatism Party's opposition to his strong leadership. While its alleged activists were sitting safe and secure in their comfortable, well-appointed offices blaming and complaining, our president was out there making a positive difference in real women's lives. As commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces, he has proven himself both willing and able to take the bold, decisive actions required to transform such former terrorist havens as Afghanistan and Iraq into lands of unprecedented promise and hope. Liberty is spreading where none existed before. Schools teaching respect and tolerance have replaced terrorist training camps. People of all genders are participating for the first time in actual elections.

President Bush is honestly making things better for women, both in this country and worldwide. In the meantime, Dhimmicrats do nothing but whine and complain about how you aren't being fooled by their lies that we're all living in the Taliban States of America where everything is much worse than it ever was even in pre-2001 Afghanistan. Their lies aren't fooling anyone, however. Because the true facts show that with President Bush, W does stand for women.

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