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Botox shortage blamed on Qerry's facial needs


While "50 to 80 percent of the cost of most [flu] vaccines is liability insurance"—thanks again to Qerry's Band of TrialLawyers. (T-bone Treat: Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler)

ying liberal-in-chief al-Qerry would rather blame anything and everything he can on President Bush than face up (pun not intended) to the fact that his own pals and qampaign qontributors in the Lawsuit Industry are driving up the costs and driving out the manufacturers of flu vaccines, as pointed out by the Heartland Institute in this red meat quote from their February 2004 report:

The number of vaccine manufacturers in the U.S. has dropped from 20 to only three during the past 15 years largely as a result of lawsuits filed on behalf of supposed victims of vaccine side effects. Vaccine makers have been under nearly constant legal assault by lawyers.

Most recently, personal injury lawyers have filed lawsuits against the maker of Thimerosal, a vaccine preservative that contains mercury, claiming the compound is responsible for the recent rise in cases of autism. However, researchers have studied repeatedly the possibility of a link and have found no evidence.

According to legal expert Peter Huber, 50 to 80 percent of the cost of most vaccines is liability insurance. The risk of losing such cases, and especially the risk of losing a class-action suit that could cost the industry hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, has persuaded many companies to leave the vaccine marketplace.

Also, President Bush himself points out that "spending on flu preparedness has grown from $39 million to $283 million"—a 625% increase!—during his term. Although Qerry wants Qanada and its 30 million people to provide not only for their own vaccine needs but for those of America's 300 million people, he's miserably failed to show how any such "plan" would help more than a very small fraction of our citizens. Unless he knows of ten secret vaccine factories for every one Qanada admits to having, the facts show it currently has no existing production capability to make up the difference here in any significantly measurable way.

Hanoi John, you've been proven a liar once again. First this, now the Iraqi weapons depot that our own troops had emptied themselves and were guarding the whole time.

When are you going to apologize to President Bush for your lying about him, al-Qerry? Even after the facts were in you continued to beat those dead horses that, in reality, weren't even ever there. You owe not only our president and our executive branch officials and our military an apology, Flipper, but every American citizen one too. Are you going to apologize for your lies? Are you going to do the right thing for a change?

I doubt you have the manly courage, Senator No-Show, to face up now to your outright lies, misleading statements, and mistakes. That's why the real dead horse you're seeing get beaten this election isn't a horse at all. It's a donkey jackass.

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