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Relative Levels of Violence


Perspective once again proves fatal to loony leftist logic.

en—count 'em—ten "9/11s" each year. That's the equivalent of what the Iraqi people suffered on average during the totalitarian torturocracy of one Saddam Hussein al-Majid. "I live in every Iraqi house," he told a sovereign Iraq court last July when asked where he lived. In hundreds of thousands of those houses, the same cannot be said of their former residences. That's because they're dead. He killed them. Murdered each one in cold blood. One-third of a million men, women, and children are lying in the mass graves he dug for them. Two-thirds more are missing and presumed dead. That's an entire million murdered by Saddam Hussein during his thirty years of absolute power over the lives and deaths of all his so-called roommates. In every one of those murdered million cases, they got to know the full extent of that power and didn't live to tell about it beyond their screams of horror inside his torture chambers. For hundreds of thousands more, it was the prolonged but equally brutal deaths of forced starvation as Saddam built up his bunkers, palaces, and weaponry instead of the people's food supplies.

No longer is that the case anywhere now in Iraq. All courtesy of the extraordinarily courageous men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their commander-in-chief, President George W. Bush. No more Gestapo-like rampages in the night or organized mass slaughters. No more diverting funds intended for the people's sustenance into a dictator's coffers used to acquire instruments of mass death.

Compare Saddam Hussein's record to the estimated 3,487 Iraqis killed—about half of them insurgents terrorists radical Islamofascist fanatics—since April 5, including in Islamofascist bombings of marketplaces and mosques. We didn't target those civilians. Islamonazis cowardly targeted them or used them as shields when they attacked our troops. Any blame for their deaths rests solely on those fanatics' hands.

Under Saddam Hussein's butcherocracy, no human life was precious. Just his own insatiable, all-consuming quest for ultimate power inside Iraq and over his neighbors. Obviously, everyone is better off without him in any position other than prisoner, awaiting trial for his war crimes and crimes against humanity.

We go out of our way—often at the increased risk of our own troops—to avoid casualties among the civilian population. Can the same be said of the Islamofanatics who intentionally target us and that population? Where are the cries of condemnation from the Left against them? If there are any, you can never hear them above the din of the Left's vilifying our efforts to stop those butchers.

There may not have been collapsing towers during the Iraqi people's half-score 9/11s per year. The ravages and suffering they experienced as a result of them, however, were just as horrible as ours. We've put a stop to all that. We're making sure that not a single one will ever happen again, either there or here.

That's the proper perspective for what's happening in Iraq. An Iraq now free of the government of, by, and for Saddam Hussein and those ten 9/11s a year.

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