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Qerry's 'Service' Record


Attempted deferment, a falsified scratch-n-scoot bugout, AWOL from Naval Reserves, maligning the very Vets he abandoned, private meetings with enemy officials—and that's just for starters.

urple heart number one, Qerry didn't earn. The scratch he received on his arm did not come from any enemy fire or even from his firing at any enemy soldiers. Because there was never any confirmation that even one enemy soldier was anywhere near his position. He was patrolling at night, heard a noise, started firing his machine gun and, when that jammed, launched a grenade which sent a piece a shrapnel ricocheting back after it exploded. That's what nicked his arm. Not anything the enemy did. His wound wasn't the result of enemy action, but an unintended, self-inflicted one. And you don't get purple hearts for self-inflicted wounds. Just ask Max Cleland.

But let's back up a bit. In 1966, Qerry sought a student deferment after he found out that he was about to be drafted into the military. Just to be clear, Qerry sought a student deferment to avoid being drafted. The reason excuse he gave was that he wanted to "study for a year in Paris." That, according to his own current wife, shows he tried to "escape" serving his country. Since he couldn't escape from being drafted, he chose to enlist in the Navy. (No doubt in order to be in the thick of things when the Viet Cong Vast Armada™ went up against our ships or tried to shell the California coastline.) His first 21 months of service he spent in training stateside, before being assigned to a ship.

So now Qerry's off to see the world on board the USS Gridley (DLG-21). Despite Qerry's exaggerated claims, self-pufferies, and outright lies, he never personally took part in any real action himself—combat or otherwise—during the 12 months he served aboard her. In July 1968, after "four months of action off the Vietnam coast," the Gridley was placed out of commission for conversion. Qerry requested reassignment to the then relatively safe Swift boats (or Patrol Craft Fast). Back in the states, Qerry trained for coastal patrol duties. Meanwhile, Vice Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., who became Commander Naval Forces Vietnam (COMNAVFORV) in late 1968, had something else in mind for the Swift boats: the SEALORDS (Southeast Asia Lake, Ocean, River, and Delta Strategy) campaign, under which the Swift boats initially "mounted lightning raids into enemy held coastal waterways and took over patrol responsibility for the Southern [Mekong] Delta's larger rivers."

Qerry arrived back in Viet Nam in mid November 1968, becoming a Swift boat "officer in command (OinC) under training" on December 1, 1968. The very next day he got his first scratch owie!

Sporting a brand-new single Band Aid®, Hanoi John returned to duty, going up and down rivers, burning down villages, cutting off genitals, beheading babies, and personally committing other assorted war atrocities in clear violation of practically every rule of war prescribed by the Geneva Convention. No forged memos needed to substantiate any of those claims. Qerry admitted to committing all those human-rights atrocities himself:

There are all kinds of atrocities, and I would have to say that, yes, yes, I committed the same kind of atrocities as thousands of other soldiers have committed in that I took part in shootings in free fire zones. I conducted harassment and interdiction fire. I used 50 calibre machine guns, which we were granted and ordered to use, which were our only weapon against people. I took part in search and destroy missions, in the burning of villages. All of this is contrary to the laws of warfare, all of this is contrary to the Geneva Conventions and all of this is ordered as a matter of written established policy by the government of the United States from the top down. And I believe that the men who designed these, the men who designed the free fire zone, the men who ordered us, the men who signed off the air raid strike areas, I think these men, by the letter of the law, the same letter of the law that tried Lieutenant Calley, are war criminals.

But he was just "an angry young man" when he confessed those things, so it doesn't count. As liberals radical extremists would say, everyone commits war crimes. Let's MoveOn.

It apparently doesn't matter, either, that he swore under oath before Congress that such atrocities were "not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command." He was proud to report these crimes because he and his merry band of anti-war anti-America protesters "feel because of what threatens this country, the fact that the crimes threaten it, not reds, and not redcoats but the crimes which we are committing that threaten it, that we have to speak out."

And what crimes might those be, Hanoi John? Again, not CBS, but the Congressional Record shows what he was just aching to get off his chest:

They told the stories at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.

Oh, but that was only a few folks, right? Well, the following wasn't faxed from Kinkos either:

I am not here as John Kerry. I am here as one member of the group of 1,000, which is a small representation of a very much larger group of veterans in this country, and were it possible for all of them to sit at this table they would be here and have the same kind of testimony.

One thousand is a small representation of a very much larger group of veterans who would have the same kind of testimony? Let's say, for sake of argument, that 10% is such a "small" representation. That means Qerry believes at least 10,000 of our soldiers are war criminals just like himself. Quick, someone call the International Criminal Court! (Which al-Qerry also believes in, by the way.)

However, let's not get too far ahead of Flopface's sordid tale. When his wasn't burning down villages in Viet Nam or indiscriminately shooting at women and children in free-fire zones, Qerry found time to acquire another scratch and a bruise, single-handedly change Navy regs regarding silVer stars, and pull out of the water a Marine he had knocked off his boat after gunning it to flee from heat of battle. Quick, get Dan Rather's source forger on the phone and have him crank up his Selectric Composer MS Word and type print out some memos from President Nixon Johnson saying Qerry "reminds me of that guy John Wayne Rambo"!

What we have of al-Qerry's service records are those he selected, not collected. He still refuses to sign Standard Form 180—the same one President Bush has signed—authorizing the release of all his records. Perhaps in the meantime Dig-'Em-Up Dan will find some previously unreleased documents from the private files of one of al-Qerry's commanding officers which would help clear up these discrepancies. (Of course, the authenticity of those docs themselves wouldn't be as important as the questions raised in them.)

Three alleged purple hearts later, Qerry is allegedly eligible to ask that he be excused from any further alleged combat. He does ask to leave (actually his band of brothers insisted that he remove his reckless self from their midst so they'd be safer), but not before saying he wanted to stay and still serve before doing a flip-flop the very next morning and leaving.

Qerry's Qommies are led away from Lexington Green after police break up their May 1, 1971 demonstration Giving the Enemy Aid and Comfort (While Blowing Ho Chi "George Washington" Minh a Big Kiss) rally in Massachusetts.

After he left Viet Nam, Qerry went AWOL. The junior senator still refuses to release any records showing he attended all 48 required drills per year and other obligations during the remainder of his enlistment.

Although released from active duty in January 1970, al-Qerry was still in the Naval Reserves until July 1972 (the month he was transferred to the Standby Reserves). During those 30 months, he was a commissioned officer with the rank of Lieutenant (O-3). He also became National Spokesman Propagandist for Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW; aka Qerry's Qommies). In direct violation of several provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and other federal laws, including constitutionally defined treason, Hanoi John did the following during those 30 months (instead of reporting for duty and his drills):

Met with enemy officials in Paris, first in May 1970 (during his honeymoon!) and again during the summer of 1971, purportedly to negotiate a release to Qerry's Qommies of the staging of an enemy-propaganda ploy involving American Prisoners of War. By any standard, privately meeting with the enemy is the most treasonous act anyone wearing the uniform could commit. Clearly, that's two violations of 18 U.S.C. 953 and two acts of treason.

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. (18 U.S.C. 953; as written in 1970-71)

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. (U.S. Const., Art. III, Sec. 3)

Publicly slandered, lied about, and used contemptuous language against our country's president, administration officials, the Congress, and our troops and their commanders. On Labor Day 1970, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, al-Qerry said at VVAW's Operation RAW (Rapid American Withdrawal) march-ending rally, "We are here to say that it is not patriotism to ask Americans to die for a mistake and that it is not patriotic to allow a President to talk about not being the first President to lose a war and using us as pawns in that game." In mid 1971, he said, "Nixon ran 3 1/2 years ago saying, 'I have the secret plan for peace.' And now, the only promise he has kept is that the plan is still a secret." An FBI surveillance file and one newspaper reported during the same period, "[Q]erry said...[that] of 234 congressmen's sons eligible for service in Vietnam, only 24 went there and only one of them was wounded." On April 22, 1971, Hanoi John was under oath when he told our Congress, "[the Nixon] administration has done us [Qerry's Qommies] the ultimate dishonor. They have attempted to disown us and the sacrifice we made for this country. In their blindness and fear they have tried to deny that we are veterans or that we served in Nam." During this testimony, he also said there was rampant racism in our military and that it is "more guilty than any other body of violations of those Geneva Conventions." All together, that's at least four violations of 10 U.S.C. 888 and one violation of 10 U.S.C. 934.

Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Transportation, or the Governor or legislature of any State, Territory, Commonwealth, or possession in which he is on duty or present shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. (10 U.S.C. 888; see also Manual for Courts Martial: "The truth or falsity of the statements is immaterial.")

Though not specifically mentioned in this chapter, all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces, all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, and crimes and offenses not capital, of which persons subject to this chapter may be guilty, shall be taken cognizance of by a general, special, or summary court-martial, according to the nature and degree of the offense, and shall be punished at the discretion of that court. (10 U.S.C. 934)

No wonder al-Qerry refuses to authorize the release of all documents and information regarding his Naval Reserve years when he was apparently AWOL, meeting with the enemy and badmouthing our country and her soldiers and leaders.
I was just following orders

H.J. al-Qerry said that's why he burned down villages and shot up women and children in Viet Nam. It's the same excuse Nazi SS officers used for committing their war crimes.

Moreover, Qerry confessed to personally committing war crimes during his four months in Viet Nam. Requoting Qerry's confession on NBC's Meet the Press, April 18, 1971:

There are all kinds of atrocities, and I would have to say that, yes, yes, I committed the same kind of atrocities as thousands of other soldiers have committed in that I took part in shootings in free fire zones. I conducted harassment and interdiction fire. I used 50 calibre machine guns, which we were granted and ordered to use, which were our only weapon against people. I took part in search and destroy missions, in the burning of villages. All of this is contrary to the laws of warfare, all of this is contrary to the Geneva Conventions and all of this is ordered as a matter of written established policy by the government of the United States from the top down.

That last accusation is pure bunk. There's no evidence that burning down villages etc. was our country's written or even unwritten "established policy" in Viet Nam or anywhere else. So Qerry must have committed all his war crimes on his own. That in itself is a violation of 10 U.S.C. 899:

Any member of the armed forces who before or in the presence of the enemy...quits his place of duty to plunder or pillage...shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.

That was and is our written established policy. I don't believe there's any statute of limitations on that provision either. (And don't forget the additional violation of 10 U.S.C. 934 for accusing thousands of our soldiers of committing the same war crimes that, according to his own confession, he personally committed.) I'm sure there's Perjury, Failure-to-Report, and other relevant UCMJ provisions he violated as well.

Understandably, War-Qriminal Qerry was feeling guilty about having received several medals during his warcrime spree. That guilt apparently caught up with him. Believing he didn't deserve any of those medals, he headed straight for our nation's capital to return all of them to our government. Certainly his method of turning his undeserved medals in wasn't conventional—tossing them over a fence in front of the U.S. Capitol as news cameras were rolling. But, hey, he's just not a very conventional guy. The fact that these very same medals magically appeared a few years later on the wall of his senate office can attest to that.

But let's not leave this trail of treason and deceit without including a statement from Flopface himself about why he chose to leave Viet Nam early in the first place:

In his 1971 debate on the Dick Cavett Show with John O'Neill, [Q]erry made it seem as if his decision process to leave Vietnam had been tortured:

The fact of the matter remains that after I received my third wound [widdle owie], I was told that I could return to the United States. I deliberated for about two weeks because there was a difficult decision in whether or not you leave your friends because you have an opportunity to go, but I finally made the decision to go back and did leave of my own volition because I felt I could do more against the war back here....When I got back here...I wrote a letter through him [an admiral] requesting that I be released from the Navy early because of my opposition.

This "deliberation" was once again a complete lie. [Q]erry was "wounded" on March 13, 1969, on the Bay Hap River, but by March 17, 1969, at 7:42 a.m., his request for reassignment to the United States (having been typed up far away in An Thoi and signed by the commander there) was at the Navy Department in Washington. His subsequent request to leave the Navy late in 1969 mentions nothing about his "opposition to the war," but only his ambition to run for Congress.

What John E. O'Neill and Jerome R. Corst, Ph.D., fail to mention in the above excerpt from their book Unfit for Command (Washington, DC: Regnery, 2004; pp. 93-4), is that Qerry was obviously referring to Vietnam Weeks™. Like dog years, they're only one-seventh of what they are in human terms. So those fourteen days are really just two. (Yeah, that's it.)

Qerry then tries to run for Congress, tells the Harvard Crimson that he wants to see all our Armed Forces under UN command, drops out before the primary election, and goes on to become such a reliable useful idiot for North Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh that the latter erects a special monument to Hanoi John in that communist country's War Crimes Museum (now called the Vietnamese Communist War Remnants Museum). Quite a record, indeed.

As Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry tries to flop around in this Noah-like flood of truth rising ever higher during the next forty days and nights before Election/Veterans Day, expect him to flip his top when he discovers that the very same Qlinton Qronies he's been taking on two-by-two aboard his campaign swiftless sinking boat, have negotiated two appearances in the presidential debates which don't include him.

NOW who's reporting for duty?

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Al Qerry may be fit to be the commander-in-chief of the mujahadeen in the Middle East ...

But he will never have control of the Pajamahadeen here in the States.

Well said.

You might come over to the 'Cutter and weigh in on whether the proper appellation for al Qerry's crowd is liberal "weiner", "weiner", or "weener".

We've gotten some pretty good input, including comments from the official Oscar Meyer site.

Out ...

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