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Raise the Terror Alert Level. Now.


The target we already know: disrupt our democratic process. The most opportune time in the terrorists' "minds" to hit it? Friday, October 1.

hen it comes to my country and her citizens' safety, I firmly believe it's better to be too cautious and see nothing happen, than to think we're ready but later find out we weren't ready enough.

In addition to the upcoming election, I've been wondering what al Qaeda terrorists might be considering as they plan when and where to attack us next. I'm concerned about two entire oil tankers, both suspected of being used in oil-smuggling operations, which disappeared after supposedly being seized recently in Nigeria. Yesterday, Nigerian authorities reported they've found only one of them. Where is the other oil-laden tanker? How far could a terrorist-hijacked tanker get in and plow full-steam ahead up the East River in an attempt to maneuver it practically atop New York City's waterfront before detonating explosives on board, igniting its whole cargo of oil?

Seeing how Kufr Islamonazi fascists keep trying to justify their mass murders on religious grounds, I wonder about the significance of Muslim rituals and observances scheduled between now and Election Day. Next Wednesday night, September 29, is the Lailatul-Bara'at ("Night of Salvation") festival on the Islamic calendar. The day itself (which ends Thursday evening, September 30) is Nisfu-Sha'ban, the one on which Muslims believe "God decides who will be born, who will die." Also,

It is said that God will take care of the needs of all those, who turn to God sincerely on this night. Further, it is believed that doing the above in a gathering (satsang) of other Muslims (seekers) on the 15th night of the month of Shabaan [i.e., this Wed. night, ending early Thus. morning, Sept. 30] will lead one to Liberation.

By the next day, October 1, everyone who's slated to die (including as a martyr) has been chosen. Moreover, the month of Ramadan begins October 16. I doubt even a warped-minded Islamofascist would want to try rationalizing from his twisted logic any "religious" tenets for justifying the wholesale slaughter of men, women, and children during that holy month of fasting. This October 1-15 window seems most risky for our country.

If terrorists attack us too close to our election, the resulting bipartisan panic and calls for postponement won't be enough to overcome the inertia of going ahead with it. If too far from it, such as before this week, there is sufficient time to effectively counter all those voices yelling for postponement. An attack between such times, and our resolve would be most vulnerable to accepting what those voices want. Out of our unsureness and vulnerability, terrorists would then obtain their best chance of having us give them what they want: a disruption of our democratic process along with the confusion and divisive squabbling and accusations that would likely follow.

If I could do so myself, I would raise the nationwide alert level now to High and keep it there until a week after the October 16 start of Ramadan. Afterwards I would lower it back to Elevated for most of the country, but keep it at High through Election Day for places like New York City, Los Angeles, our ports of entry such as Long Beach, New Orleans, and Savannah, and any other places I knew the terrorists might want to try attacking. The Pentagon and U.S. Capitol buildings are still targets too. Moreover, I would post at least two National Guardsmen aboard every freight train, especially those hauling hazardous gases and similar materials through populated areas.

The war is not yet over. Our enemy has no regard for human life, not even his own. He believes our destruction is part of his holy crusade to turn the entire world into an Islamic totalitarian state. Our shattering his plans now to disrupt our political and economic institutions and processes, while we continue to capture and kill his leadership and their followers, would set him back even further and thus more quickly bring about his inevitable, total defeat.

To that end, we should raise the terror alert level to High. Now.

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