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Bunker Hill 2013


"A few more such victories would have shortly put an end to RINØcrat Washington Establishment dominion in America."


ven before defecting to the Reid Coats for good — his own good, that is — Johnedict McCainold repeatedly denounced and undermined "his" side's committed effort to manly stand up and fight for the American people and their freedoms against the present forces of tyranny marching out to crush them. "I've expressed my deep distress throughout this process," he whimpered. "I've said from the beginning that I knew how this was going to end. We weren't going to defeat so major and obvious A Crime Against human dignity, equality, and liberty." It was a shame, really, because the heroic deeds he performed years ago in service to his country will be overshadowed, forevermore, by his unforgivable treachery.

Patriot soldiers, meanwhile, took positions atop a hill overlooking the enemy-occupied Capitol. Even so, they proposed compromise after reasonable compromise in attempts to end the showdown peacefully. However, each time they did the Reid Coats absolutely refused to negotiate with their leaders, calling them "anarchists," "hostage takers," "arsonists," "terrorists," and other outrageously improper names. As the enemy had hoped, Johnedict McCainold and his summer soldiers and sunshine patriots, easily overpowered by deathly fear of the latest public opinion poll, were cowered by those false labels and, losing heart, deserted; which left the defenders of American liberty even more outnumbered. Yet those who remained carried on the fight undaunted, each of their hearts quickened by overpowering love of freedom.

Wave upon wave of Reid Coats marched up the hill. But their extremely rigid company fronts made them exceptionally vulnerable to the true aim and withering fire of the Patriot soldiers. Also, the more casualties they suffered the more vindictive they became. Except they could not take out their frustrations on the defenders of Liberty facing them. The Reid Coats had to instead exact their revenge on a civilian population they were already treating as expendable pawns, trapped behind their lines and always at their nonexistent mercy. There, after tossing aside every convention of civilized warfare, they committed the cruelest atrocities.

Among the untold number of innocents the Reid Coats had singled out and subjected to the most viscous assaults were the grieving families of fallen Soldiers, elderly Veterans confined to wheelchairs, and even children stricken with cancer. The populous was horrified and became rightly enraged. Not a few of the less heartless Reid Coats were themselves disgusted by the barbarism of their superiors' clearly unjust orders. Now the Reid Coats were facing disapproval and opposition from both the front and the rear. But by that time they had frightened or enticed enough spineless lowlifes into defecting to their side — including one very high-ranking treasonous coward they outright bought off — that they could finally launch a successful attack against the freedom fighters' hilltop position. So, with their newfound loyalists in tow, the Reid Coats marched.

A few hours later it was all over. The Reid Coats had seized the top of the blood drenched hill. They declared victory and returned to occupy the Capitol. While Patriot soldiers were regrouping, the Reid Coats increasingly brutalized the recalcitrant citizenry.

Although America was in store for further suffering at the beastly hands of the spiteful Ried Coats, in the end the Patriots would have their Dorchester Heights and, yes, their Yorktown.

Even up against the twin evils of tyranny and injustice, an America of, by, and for all Americans, by the grace of God, always overcomes and prevails.

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