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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

For four years in a row I've maxed out all my credit cards


I'm not worried, though, because liberals are telling me I don't have a spending-binge problem.


hen you're a fact-challenged lying fascist — or liberal, for short — your bitterly clung-to system of so called beliefs has to face, usually sooner rather than later, its three mortal enemies; namely, any kind of relevant facts, any sort of truth, and any type of personal freedom.

Let's start with relevant facts. Also known as Things Liberals Willfully and Completely Ignore.

It's a fact liberals don't think that government spending can ever be a problem, unless it's on our national defense. Leave out every word after and including "that" in the previous sentence and you'll really get the picture.

That's why liberals aren't the least bit fazed by even unprecedented levels of spending.

In inflation-adjusted dollars (2005 constant dollars), federal government spending in 2012 is expected to be (drum roll) the highest in history, peacetime or wartime.

Since World War II, it has never been higher in proportion to our Gross Domestic Product.

Annual spending under the Bush administration was an average 19.6 percent of GDP. That's lower than it was under the preceding eight administrations.

“The private sector is so foreign to our pResident that he would need a passport to go there and a translator to understand what is happening.”

But under the extremely out of touch Øfubar fascistration, it's now 24.4 percent. That's higher than it was under all the other post-war administrations.

2009 - 2012: Total Fail
The only thing larger than Øfascist's extreme spending is His™ inflated ego.
“Headwind” is that sound Øbraindead hears when the air inside his otherwise empty skull changes position.

None of that matters to liberals, of course. They and their Minionstream Media are repeating over and over a massive, bald-faced Big Lie and are expecting you'll believe it.

"Spending problem? What spending problem?"

You just keep right on maxing out all your credit cards. You haven't put any more on them than you did last year.

After you go bankrupt — as you inevitably will — don't worry.

Yes, you can always Blame Bush!™.

Yeah, that's a Change®.

Which brings us to truth. Also known as the Thing Liberals Willfully and Completely Refuse to Tell.

Calling a liberal truthful is worse than describing water as dry.*

Emotion is their only real "truth." In their "minds," it's sufficient to just feel that something's true. So to make you feel it is, too, all liberals need do is find a way to manipulate your emotions as effectively as theirs have been.

Certainly the most predictable means of manipulating you emotionally are the same old tired ones liberals always use. That is, those that somehow make you feel it's extremely wrong to even question what they're telling you.

"Know why all those people are against government spending? They just don't want the government to be able [sic] to help [sic] poor starving women and black children! Why have they declared war on women? When are they going to stop being such hate-filled racists?"

Projection, thy name is liberal. Crime, ditto. Racism, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, and mega ditto.

So you believe you have a royal flush of irrefutable truth? Too bad, because liberals will then throw down the Ace of R. That's a card, multiple duplicates of which they always keep stashed up and down the full lengths of their frilly sleeves, that cheating liberals have ever standing by to turn everything you're holding into a losing hand.

Indeed, since truth invariably refutes everything liberals say, anyone who dares tell it is their opponent — or "enemy," as they normally deem him. One they must continuously endeavor to "destroy" and "kill" not with truth, because truth is never on their side, but with threats, lies, distortions, personal attacks, smears, and character assassination, as well as desperate plays on your fears. Just as they intend, truth has very little chance in the emotionally charged atmospheres liberals are constantly creating.

Lying liar-in-chief Ølietoya's campaign has a "vulture capitalist" high up in its midst but he wants you to think feel only his opponent enemy is one. The truth reveals that the former still is and the latter never was.

“Obama does accept donations from Wall Street executives. Campaign finance records show that Democrats collect more money from Wall Street than does the GOP.”

The truth also reveals that one of Øliar's rich, fat cat "vulture capitalist" campaign bundlers, Jonathan Lavine, was a director of Bain Capital when it laid off steelworkers in 2001. That's two years after Mitt Romney left that company to rescue the failing Winter Olympics.

You could almost say liberals have no problem with the truth, per se. They simply won't speak it.

Their only real problem with truth is, yes, it can and should be told.

Make no mistake: What penetrates even liberals' thick, empty pointy skulls is that actual truth thrives where all reasonable perspectives may be openly expressed and fairly and freely examined. Normal people call this robust debate.

Except what sounds like robust debate to liberals is indistinguishable from this.

Therefore, whenever you tell the truth about liberals, exposing who they really are, their sole response is to try to shut you up.

No doubt, if you wrote a book titled "Truths and the Truthful Truth Tellers Who Speak Them," liberals would all instantly try to get their fascist comrades in government to declare it a hate crime and order every copy burned.

Which brings us, finally, to personal freedom. Also known as the Thing Liberals Are Willfully and Completely Bent on Destroying.

Explicit in liberals' "defense" of, in effect, limitless government spending is their extreme, cult-like devotion to limitless government.

According to their constitution-unhindered worldview, if the government isn't outright controlling something or otherwise entirely and inextricably involved in it, that thing must be inherently bad.

Of course, first and foremost among such control and involvement are the perpetual bribes — what liberals euphemistically call "benefits" — which they incessantly demand government more and more "freely" dole out to the governed so the latter will, in return, perpetually elect more and more liberals to run the former. That is to say, liberals promoting their own government-"job" security.

It's why liberals reserve their most extreme, vitriolic attacks for whoever has the audacity to suggest even slightly scaling back any exorbitant increase of those "benefits" bribes. No matter these same "entitlements" and "free" handouts keep insidiously reducing whole populations of Americans to one big, degradingly dependent class. What's all important to liberals is forcing all us taxpayers, against our own and our country's best interests, to finance all such expansions of their personal vote-buying racket.

After all, being a liberal means everything is all about you. So whatever helps you personally is always a Good Thing™, regardless who or what gets hurt by it. Even when it significantly damages the security of "your" nation, it's still a GT™.

On the other hand, anything that can't or won't, in some satisfactorily measurable way, either help you and yours or harm your enemies, or both, is always Teh Most Eeeeeevil Thang Evah!™.

Thus, people realizing the change they need isn't government controlling or otherwise involving itself in every aspect of their lives and livelihoods doesn't help liberals at all. Those people are now evil; mainly because they no longer believe in the liberals' "New" same old tired worn out Four Free-dumbs:

  1. Free-ride
  2. Free-load
  3. Free-lunch
  4. Free-bies

Indeed, the reason more and more people no longer do is they're finally realizing all that "free" stuff comes at an extremely high price: real freedom.

When you choose to sell your votes to the highest spenders it doesn't only make you nearly as greedy and selfish as the liberals buying them, it also shows what an extremely easy mark you are. You're willing to exchange the most precious possession you have — a possession others bought for you with their own life's blood — for those few crumbs liberals "promise" they'll "redistribute" to you once they cut a supersize slice of wealth cake from America's economy. Provided, that is, there are any crumbs left after they and their ravenous fat cat comrades have gobbled up the lion's share of that megaslice.

Don't worry. You'll also get handfuls and handfuls of even more of their crummy promises that you'll get more. But only on one condition: You keep re-electing them. And that, dear fools, is the full extent to which liberals "care" about you.

It's quite some bargain you've made with these corrupt liberal devils(birm). They get your votes and more and more power. You wind up less free and inhumanly dependent. All for the meagerest of crumbs, while the real redistribution of wealth is from Teh Evil Rich® to evil rich liberal dictators(birm). Indeed, the cost of all their vote buying is just barely a pittance compared to what liberals are actually stealing.

Now if you think feel you've been cruelly cheated, too bad. You set yourself and your liberties on the liberals' auction block. You shouldn't be surprised when you find out you've been extremely short-changed.

Besides, your liberal masters won't tolerate any complaining from you and your fellow vote slaves. Not that they and their Demøslaverrat Party domestic terrorist organization ever did.

Heartbreaking are Professor [Eric] Foner's recitations of the horrific acts of terror inflicted by Democrats on black and white Republicans. Recounted on pages 184-185 of his book is one such act of terror: "Jack Dupree, a victim of a particularly brutal murder in Monroe County, Mississippi — assailants cut his throat and disemboweled him, all within sight of his wife, who had just given birth to twins — was 'president of a republican club' and known as a man who 'would speak his mind.'"

As in the past, no one except your new racist masters may speak their "minds."

Just remember, these greedy terrorist slave holders have resorted to mass sterilization and genocide. They blithely and brazenly facilitate the mass slaughter of hundreds of foreign civilians and the murders of our own border agents. They have no qualms about singling out and aborting baby girls on a massive scale. They orgasmically revel in death and violence, routinely greasing their own skids with one or both. So destroying an insignificant peon like you wouldn't rise even to the level of mere child's play with your abusive owners.

But as long as you serve unquestioningly their selfish, greedy purposes, liberals won't bother to destroy you... today.

Tomorrow, of course, that may very likely Change®.

The moment you begin to exhibit any inkling of rational and independent thought, you're no longer a reliably mindless vote dispenser for liberals. They'll become increasingly suspicious of everything you do or say. One wrong act or word, no matter how manifestly innocent, will immediately trigger the next violently extreme episode of their innate paranoia. No, not even after you've shown them your complete lack of means, motive, and opportunity, liberals can never acquit you of what they feel has to be the most infamous of capital offenses; specifically, thinking for yourself. From that point on, you're forever dead to them.

“We shouldn’t allow people to educate their own children.”
– Liberal Nazi Fascist Bastard caller,
Sean Hannity Show, 6/14/2012.

What it all boils down to is trust. No, liberals can never trust others to actually know any facts, speak any truth, or responsibly exercise any personal freedom. Because, "try" as they might, liberals can never do any of those things themselves. Worse, this collective projection of theirs impels them to render everyone else's ability to do so as pathetically nonexistent as theirs. Yes, unless they can completely tear all others fully down, even the least capable of the latter would, by any comparison, reduce all liberals to nothing but the most obscene objects of extremely deserved mockery and ridicule yes anyone can imagine.

However, rather than wallow unobtrusively in their extremely meaningless lives, bankrupt liberalism, and worthless pursuits of unremitting misery, each created solely of, by, and for themselves, liberals think feel it only "fair" that we also share in such eternally insufferable and damnable hollowness. Indeed, not even they can ignore the fact that that is the only thing they want truly "spread around." Freely so, by unfettered force of government, until it becomes universal.

Yes liberals can never be satisfied with anything that hasn't left our country absolutely destroyed and her citizens totally destitute. In those absolute-zero, forever-unlit voids known as their "hearts," they feel nothing less has any hope of sufficiently distracting us from noticing, whether we have any wish to or not, the inundating instances in which liberals clearly reveal just how utterly laughable and useless they and their always fraudulent ideas invariably were, are, and ever will be.

* Water droplets hiding inside artificially created shells of glass may be called "dry water." But it is deceiving. Like liberals, what lies beneath their carefully crafted outward appearances is still all wet.

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