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Liberal Rule No. 1: No Success Shall Go Unpunished


...unless it significantly helps us control who is successful and who is not.


roject 21 member Kevin Martin on the Øfascist Regime:

As millions of Americans rush to meet the deadline for filing their income taxes, it should be remembered that there are elected officials within the federal government who believe it is their job to redistribute our nation's wealth. After countless hard-earned taxpayer dollars were wasted on a host of failed economic programs and pork projects, for example, President Obama still has the audacity to come back and demand our nation's producers pay even more in taxes to feed the beast that is the federal government. He does this rather than get truly into the spirit of cutting reckless spending and rooting out waste, fraud and abuse within our government.

While President Obama and his allies want the middle-class and especially those they consider to be wealthy to dig ever deeper to subsidize the Obama agenda, they appear adamant that the government should not share in the same sacrifice. Even though it would seem that the President's big-spending policies of the past two years did nothing but extend America's Comrade ZerØ's Great Recession, they want hard-working Americans to pay more. Even though this agenda exploded the federal deficit to the point it now necessitates that Congress consider raising the debt ceiling to borrow perhaps trillions more — something Obama was opposed to as senator — liberals seem absolutely unwilling to embrace a policy of austerity.

In calling for higher taxes and not bringing fairness to the tax code, President Obama is doing little more than punishing the nation's producers for their success.

That's because only Biggest.Gøvernment.Ever. fat cats like His ZerØness should ever be successful or have any power. They can't if they're required to actually sacrifice anything.

Biggest.Spending.Ever., Biggest.Deficit.Ever., and Biggest.Debt.Ever. in our lifetimes. That's just the price you must pay if you want to "enjoy" the "privilege" of totally being ruled by them.

Besides, what gives any of us the right to "unfairly" get more than According To His Need? or pay less than According To His Ability?

Just let them always decide for you what your need and ability may be and be quiet! They think feel that you — never they — are to blame, anyway, and "don't want you to do a lot of talking." Certainly not raise untoward questions like where specifically in our constitution does the Øfascist Regime find the authority to take over our livelihoods and our lives? I mean, "Are you serious?"

So what that, even if His $orØ$ness taxes takes every "millionaire and billionaire" for all they're worth, it still wouldn't cover just the increase of debt Comrade ZerØ imposed on all of us. That just means Herr Øfascist will have to take from them all more than what they're worth!

Now that's some serious sacrificing.

That's some "Change."

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