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Adulterers aren't morally fit to be anyone's spousal guardian


By allowing Terri Schindler-Schiavo's adulterous husband Heir to Her Remaining Fortune & Insurance Beneficiary to remain her guardian while she's incapacitated, Judge George W. Greer is, under color of law, willfully depriving her of her federal civil rights to live and have proper legal representation—a crime for which the FBI should arrest him.

lthough Dhimmoonbats don't consider adultery immoral, Florida law does:


798.01 Living in open adultery.--Whoever lives in an open state of adultery shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. Where either of the parties living in an open state of adultery is married, both parties so living shall be deemed to be guilty of the offense provided for in this section.

Attempted murder by any other name...

Jodi Centzone, the publicly announced fiancée of Michael Schiavo Starvo (aka Terri's alleged "husband"), has been impregnated at least twice by this lady-killer. He says he really wants to marry Jodi, and would if his inconvenient "already dead" wife were out of the picture and her $50,000+ still left in her trust fund were in it. Plus—and this appears to concern Dirtbag Mike even more than any money—if a single state court judge, along with his collegues accessories to attempted murder in our injustice system, allows causes Terri to die she'll have no chance whatsoever of somehow getting better and communicating to the rest of the world what really happened to her on the night of February 24-25, 1990. Especially if, as "Get Rid of the Evidence" Mike intends, he has her cremated contrary to her Catholic tradition. Even if she's allowed to live, as long as she doesn't receive any kind of real therapy, Terri won't be talking.

...would just plain stink.

None of this attempted-murdering would be happening to Terri were it not for the unpardonably harmful rulings of one Florida judge executioner, George Waste'Em Greer. No other court in the land, state or federal, has actually re-tried the facts in her case or otherwise subtantively reviewed on the merits the evidence on which Mr. Greer—when he wasn't examining the campaign contributions he received from Starvo's attorneys ([George] Felos & Felos, P.A., $250.00 on 5/7/2004; Hamden H. Baskin III, $500 maximum on 3/22/2004 and $250 on 5/19/1998; Deborah A. Bushnell, $250 on 3/12/2004; Gyneth S. Stanley, P.A., $200 on 7/2/2004 and $150 on 4/2/2004; and Steven G. Nilsson, $250 on 7/14/2004 and $250 on 3/14/2004)—based his decisions. All the courts which have been asked to do so have essentially said they don't want to hear it.

Due process for Terri? As an incapacitated person she "retains the right to receive necessary services and rehabilitation" (Florida Statutes, section 744.3215(1)(i)). Yet her cheating "spouse" hasn't given her a real chance to receive any during the last ten years. He hasn't even allowed her bedsores or decaying teeth to be prevented. She's not dying, but chronically disabled. Nonetheless, he has placed her in a hospice, a facility solely designed for the terminally ill. All this neglect was approved by Executioner Greer.

A husband greedy scumbag who has continuously committed adultery against Terri since 1995, has effectively renounced his marital vows to her. He has no legitimate claim to be her spouse, much less her guardian. If he were petitioning for guardianship of a child, Florida's courts would instantly call into question his moral fitness. However, Hydrate-em-Low Greer allows an adulterer to be the guardian of the person against whom that guardian is committing adultery.

Due process for an incapacitated person must include, at the very least, that she be legally represented by someone who isn't self-interested in seeing her die, who doesn't stand to gain some undue windfall, financial or otherwise, from her death, and who is completely impartial—personally—when it comes to making life and death decisions on her behalf. In other words, someone who shows they are both capable and willing of honoring your own true wishes. Otherwise, you as a totally-dependent ward are forcibly subjected to the unconscionable circumstance where the guardian's selfish wishes would likely become more important than yours whenever he makes decisions affecting your life and health.

At least one Michigan legislator gets it.

In Terri's case, an openly adulterous husband slime (my apologies to the legless variety for lumping such a creature with them) who wants to marry his live-in mistress of ten years is too untrustworthy when he pronounces that he knows what Terri's wishes would be. Did she ever say she would want to die from lack of simple food and water if she weren't actually dying? Apparently not.

Incredibly, that is exactly what our alleged justice system is forcing her to do as I write this. A handful of unelected federal judges arrogant oligarchs would rather thwart a recently enacted federal law by causing Terri's death through their own merciless inaction, than do what is right and required to protect her life so she may truly have her day in their courts. Although it's clear again how much liberals want to abort yet another life as well as full justice, just standing by and allowing their effort to succeed places each of you in danger should, our Lord forbid, you find yourself in any situation where you are as voiceless and choiceless as Terri.

It's time for our Federal Bureau of Investigation to raid the Woodside Hospice in Pinellas Park, Florida, take Terri Schindler-Schiavo into protective custody, and find and arrest George W. Greer.

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