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Siccin' the Bulldogs on Fallujah's Enemies


"The 82nd Airborne is handing control of the area to the Marines...." And that's all she wrote.

emper Fidelis. The terrorists and thugs who committed those atrocities last Wednesday are about to get a first-hand look at its full meaning. An unforgettably hard lesson in the personally painful consequences of attacking not just soldiers but the civilians who were there trying to help make the country a better place for all Iraqis.

The leaders of the thugs and terrorists who attacked them just want to turn Iraq into a hellhole. These brutes don't want the Iraqi people to be better off, but subject to a Taliban-like oppression that the evil doers are desperately trying to set up - first in Fallujah then in the rest of Iraq. They know they have no future in a new Iraq, or in any democratic society based on freedom and justice.

The Justice coming to them, however, is what they're about to get in spades.

Fallujah and its environs have been effectively cordoned off. There's nowhere to go for the inhuman beings responsible for these acts of sheer brutality. The Marines have been studying the photographs and film footage for which these animals were only too happy to pose while massacring and desecrating the bodies of our brave, fallen loved ones. Loved ones who were always faithful in the work their country called them to do in a place so far from home. We will be always faithful in seeing that the would-be tyrants who tried to destroy them and that work now meet their complete and certain justice.

One by one they will be captured by our Marines. Each will be shown the same photos and footage until they identify their fellow brutes in those pictures. If they refuse to cooperate, we will hand them over to members of the Iraqi police forces who lost brothers, fathers, and sons to such callous enemies of all Iraqis. If they survive this second round of questioning, we will try again to ask them for the names and whereabouts of their accomplices.

In the end, no one who participated in the attacks or who assisted the attackers will be left on the streets of Fallujah, but held in the custody of Coallition Forces until June 30, when we hand them over to Iraq's new judicial system. The desecrators of our loved ones' bodies will share a similar fate.

Once Fallujah is cleansed of Iraq's enemies, its people can share in the prosperity that a new Iraq will bring them. No freedom-loving human being in Iraq deserves to live under the despotism these thugs, terrorists and their followers want to impose for their own benefit.

Freedom is about to triumph once again in Iraq with the Marine Corps' liberation of Fallujah from all its tyrants.

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