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Qerry - the best politician Chinese military money can buy


From the current issue of Judicial Watch's Verdict (April 2004, p. 1):

Locked in a tight battle for the Senate in 1996 with former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, John Kerry was desperately in need of funds, Newsweek magazine recently reported [Michael Isikoff, with Holly Bailey, "Cash and Kerry," February 9, 2004]. Fortunately for Senator Kerry, the Communist Chinese were equally desperate to purchase influence from U.S. government officials.

According to Newsweek, in 1996 Senator Kerry met with Liu Chaoying, a Hong Kong business woman who wished to have her company listed on the U.S. Stock Exchange. Kerry lobbied on her behalf by helping to organize a meeting between Chaoying and a senior Securities and Exchange Commission official. In return, Kerry accepted a $10,000 contribution in the form of a Beverly Hills Fundraiser on September 9, 1996, less than a month before Election Day.

It would later be established that Liu Chaoying was not simply a profit-motivated business woman, but rather a lieutenant colonel in China's People's Liberation Army. Newsweek reports that more than $28,000 in illegal contributions was funneled into the campaigns of Bill Clinton and John Kerry, and that "the contributions came out of $300,000 in overseas wire transfers sent on orders from the chief of Chinese military intelligence - and routed through a Hong Kong bank account controlled by Liu."

That's al-Qerry, fightin' them special interests he knows and evidently loves (their money) so well. Especially when his campaign bills are footed by Red China's Military Intelligence. There's more:

In a somewhat related story, The Los Angeles Times reports that Senator Kerry sent 28 letters on behalf of San Diego defense contractor Parthasarathi "Bob" Majumder between 1996 and 1999 in order to "free up federal funds" for a guided missile system designed by Majumder [Lisa Getter and Tony Perry, "Kerry Lobbied for Contractor Who Made Illegal Contributions," February 19, 2004]. In return, court documents show, Majumder induced his employees to contribute approximately $25,000 to Senator Kerry's campaign, while paying them proceeds from the government contracts in return.

Parthasarathi pleaded guilty in early February to illegally funneling campaign contributions to the Massachusetts senator and four other congressmen.

Did Hanoi John keep that convicted criminal's contributions also?

Now it's looking more and more like Mr. Heinz Ketchuppy's campaign mortgage-loan on "his half" (har-har) of his rich wife's mansion (what, a "$12.8 million home" ain't a mansion?) is illegal too:

Boston Herald

Watchdog bites Kerry over `sweetheart' loan
By David R. Guarino
Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Sen. John F. Kerry [related, bio] will have to defend the loan that helped salvage his presidential bid to the Federal Election Commission after a watchdog group yesterday challenged it as a ``sweetheart deal.''

Judicial Watch Inc. filed a complaint with the FEC claiming the Bay State senator may have violated campaign finance rules by relying on his millionaire wife to help secure a better mortgage on their swank Beacon Hill townhouse.

``The issue is whether or not the loan he was able to receive was an improper contribution from his wife . . . or was it a sweetheart deal,'' said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The conservative watchdog group said it filed the FEC complaint after the Herald reported the $12.8 million appraisal used to secure the loan was twice the city assessment of his home.

Fitton said the appraisal was either inflated or Kerry borrowed on more than his half of the house - meaning his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, is improperly funneling cash into the campaign.

``We're very confident the loan was completely legal,'' Kerry spokesman Michael Meehan said. ``The world is filled with frivolous lawsuits, and this sounds like another one.''

Like Klintoon like Qerry, too, when it comes to illegal campaign contributions.
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