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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

Please Burn Down Your Liberal Hellhole, Thugs


Do all of America a big favor.


nother day, another threat of lawless savagery in some godforsaken corrupt Demofascist stranglehold stronghold(birm).

Protesters rallied and marched on the streets of Minneapolis [i.e., a typical liberofascist "utopia"] on Wednesday after a prosecutor announced that officers involved in the shooting death of 24-year-old Jamar Clark would not face charges.

"Hey, hey, ho ho. These racist cops have got to go," they chanted.

Clark was African-American [i.e., Liberofascist-VoteSlave™]; Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze, the officers involved, are white [nonhyphenated Americans].

Schwarze shot Clark only after Ringgenberg scuffled with the young man [criminal woman-beater], according to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. Clark took control of the officer's gun, the prosecutor said, and Ringgenberg told Schwarze to open fire.

Thus saving innocent lives by stopping St. Jamar of Attacked Girlfriends® after this manifestly violent criminal posed a very real and imminent threat to them.

Freeman's announcement — which Clark's family attended — angered community activists.

"If the city burns down," one woman shouted at Freeman, "it's on your hands."

As opposed to all the hands that mindlessly and slavishly cast votes giving Freeman and every other Demofascist unchecked power over you.

But don't let that stop those same hands from burning down Minneapolis. One less accursed, liberofascist blight on this planet's surface is nothing short of A. Good. Thing.

The investigation included 122 Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension reports, 1,370 pages of autopsy reports, 21 DNA reports and 97 Minneapolis Police Department supplemental reports, all of which Freeman said took him 31 hours to read.

Freeman said he declined to present to the case to a grand jury so that his office could release all the reports related to the investigation. His office posted numerous investigative documents, photos and videos on its website.

Facts. Schmacts.

You don't get no matches lit that way, "protesters"!

The reports demonstrated that Clark had attacked his girlfriend [i.e., a violent crime], interfered with paramedics attempting to transport her to the hospital [i.e., another violent crime] and refused officers' demands to remove his hands from his pockets [just a fatally stupid choice], Freeman said.

Ringgenberg and Schwarze then took Clark to the ground in an attempt to place handcuffs on him, but during the scuffle, Ringgenberg landed on top of Clark, who then went for that officer's gun, the prosecutor said.

According to Freeman, Ringgenberg said when he felt his gun move from his right hip to the small of his back, he reached back to the top of his gun and felt Clark's "whole" hand on the weapon.

The officer told his partner, "He's got my gun," Freeman said.

"Ringgenberg believed he was going to die ... because he had no control over his gun," Freeman said. "Ringgenberg felt that Clark didn't care what happened to him and remembered thinking that he didn't want his partner to die with his gun."

You mean St. Jamar of Attacked Girlfriends® wasn't just innocently sitting on the couch after innocently returning from his church's choir practice, innocently getting ready to do his homework for a college course he innocently just enrolled in, when all of a sudden Teh Racist Police™ racistly busted down his door after racistly profiling him and racistly pumped racist bullets into his nonviolent innocent body?

Oh, well. Who cares? "Burn this bitch down" anyway!

It will make the Baby Jesus smile.

Provided, of course, none of you demand afterwards that the rest of us fork over any of our hard-earned money to you to help you rebuild your stinking hellhole.

No, really. Don't even bother asking.

If you want to raise any for such an unholy and utterly useless purpose, try selling all you got from your lootings. Or sit and rot in your own filth. Won't demonstrate the first actual difference to anyone either way. The only ones who aren't completely tired by now of your murderous mayhem and malevolent mob mentality are self-loathing masochistic liberofascists(birm).

The rest of us have had all yes we can take from you and your Demofascist masters.

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