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State of the Oppression Address


If by "address" you mean one overly long series of complete falsehoods and out-and-out lies knowingly and willfully told by the always-lying liar-n-thief Phraudulent Baracrook Øtyrant who'd like to keep playing the American people for fools and suckers.


f every American had a penny for each person Baracketeer Øppressor has lied to, times the number of lies he's told her or him, this country would be populated by no one but multimillionaires. But even then we still wouldn't have enough to pay off any but a very tiny portion of the mountainous debt he and his extreme, out-of-control spending have heaped not just on our backs but on the backs of our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc., etc.

Yet lying Øliar still won't tell us the truth about his economic policies — how they've accomplished nothing but continuously stifle job creation and reduce the labor force participation rate to its lowest level in decades.

Nor will he ever come clean and tell us the truth about his Øfascist"Care" Unaffordable Carelessness Act — how it's clearly hurting millions upon millions of Americans by forcing them to lose not only their full time jobs and working hours but their health care plans they like, and to buy plans they don't like and cannot afford. But don't expect him to ask Congress to repeal that extremely ill-conceived and disastrously-implemented sole failure of his and his party and start over. He's too stubborn and out-of-touch to see it, and too self-centered and heartless to care that he's hurting you with it.

To add insult to injury, he's not telling us the whole truth, either, about his constant spying on all the American people — how that's a clear violation of our most basic constitutional rights of personal security and privacy. Not that he cares what he's doing is morally wrong and very much illegal. Having morals and following laws is not his and his fascist regime's way.

Speaking of lawlessness, Presentdanger Øfascist also isn't telling us the truth about his use of the Internal Revenue Service to target and silence Americans he not only doesn't like but keeps trying to oppress — how this is still going on despite his alleged promise to "look into it" and "stop it." Abusing his powers and spouting the most incredibly laughable lies that "I know nothing!" about it à la Sergeant Schultz, shows what he's doing and what he says he's doing are practically always two completely opposite things.

Just ask Ambassador Stevens — oh, wait, you can't. Lying Liar-n-Thief Øtyrant wouldn't tell him the truth as well; and believing Ødespot's lie that our consulate in Benghazi, Libya was a safe and secured place cost him and three other Americans their lives on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. But for weeks afterwards Øliar lyingly told us over and over it was because of "natural protests" against an "offensive video" which "gave extremists an excuse" to attack the consulate, when in truth it was "on the run" al-Qaeda terrorists all along who were merely taking advantage of this dangerously incompetent liar-n-thief's cowardice and weakness to rise up and hit us hard. Of course, his lying former secretary of state Hilliary al-Qlinton would ask, "What difference, at this point, does it make!?" We'll let our country's diplomats still working overseas and Ambassador Stevens' and his fallen colleagues' families answer that.

As we'll see tonight, Dictator-n-Thief Baracrook Øliar's got plenty more oppression and lies where these came from.

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