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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

Democrats' War on Everyone


If yes Demøncrooks can conquer and enslave you, they'll declare victory.


ut they'll never go home.

Unlike anyone or anything else in America, DeMSMøcrats have no other motive, goal, or reason for existing than to fully and forever Øccupy every person, place, and thing yes they can "think" of.

From scraped-out womb to premature tomb, from empty cradle to mass grave, along with everyone and everything in between, Demølisherrats have made it their sole purpose in "life" to crush, kill, and destroy all life everywhere.

All life worth living, that is.

Demøcriminals' War on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

To them, all these aren't unalienable or never-negotiable rights endowed by and under the protection of Divine Providence, but what they've targeted for mass destruction.

First and foremost, Demøkillerrats are dead set on not just totally crushing the life out of every individual yes they can, but completely killing its meaning. Demøcrusherrats immediately Move Øn afterwards to utterly destroying the lives of any luckless survivors who somehow escape their unprecedented Reign of Høpe & Change™ Terrør.

Just a few more examples of their unmitigated tyranny over you:

Devilrats' War on Freedom

Yes you can have a Right to Choose® whether you want to be "punished with a baby," but no right whatsoever to choose whether you want to be covered with a health insurance policy contract.

After all, a baby is "morally irrelevant."

Coercing you to sign øne of their contracts on you, however, isn't.

Demøliarrats' War on the Economy

They rabidly attack our free-market system when it's strong. They go in for the frenzied kill anytime they smell it's been weakened — usually by some anti-market time bomb all over which we find their pack leaders' paw prints.

That's because Demøtyrants' idea of an economic system is the same as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Castro's. They tell us what, where, and how much yes we can buy and when and how yes we can buy it. We bow down to them and tell them "thank you."

Naturally it "amuses" them whenever we express anger over being forced to pay through the nose for things we don't want.

Once it comes out, as it inevitably does, that all that forced buying benefits no one but their Big Donor™ comrades and, thus, themselves, we're supposed to grovel more and say things like "Everybody Does It," "Let's Move On," "Top One Percent," and of course, "It's For Teh Cheeeealdrunnn!"—

The unaborted children, that is.

Demcømmierats' War on the Constitution

Because it's the best guarantee of individual freedom ever invented, it's the Demøfrauds' greatest enemy.

To them it's a piece of Play-Doh® or Silly Putty® that yes they can press, pound, and wrest into any shape they want, or use to pick up, distort, and expand the newsprint of whatever Headline Du Jour they think feel would best help them increase their dictatorial powers over you.

Consequently, their idea of the Rule of Law is the same as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Castro's: They are the law. You just better obey all their rules.

Rules, by the way, that are meant to be broken by them, and laws that only apply to everyone else.

Dhimm al-Qrats' War on the American People

As the above Let-Me-Be-Clear™ly shows, Osama bin Laden's terrorists are pikers compared to the clear and present dangers and imminent threats Øbama bin Biden and their brother/sister/other extremist radical anti-America jihadist Demøhaterrats pose to your personal safety and happiness.

Given over three years in øaffice Baracketeer Øboondoggle has miserably failed to lower America's unemployment rate to below what it was when his so-dumb voters selected him. Make-No-Mistake™ly, Øliar's average unemployment rate has always remained high above it. ØblameOthers' rate is higher, in fact, than Jihaddy al-Qarter's!

Seven million more Americans are permanently out of work.

Black unemployment is higher than it ever was under George Bush. Who "doesn't care about black people" now, Kayne West?

Hispanic unemployment is over twice as high. So it's clear "ØburnUS doesn't care about Hispanic people" either, Kayne West.

Highest. Gas Prices. Ever.

If Osama bin Laden's terrorists had done to us what Øbama bin Biden et al. have been doing, everyone would be left with no other choice but to admit that the terrorists clearly are beating us.


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