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Many Civilians Have Been Killed in Afghanistan Since 'Present' Obama Received on August 30 His Top General's Official Request for More Reinforcements


Øbama lied, kids died.

The United States has relied on air power to reinforce what commanders describe as too few forces on the ground in Afghanistan. But airstrikes have led to higher numbers of civilian deaths, a result that the American commander, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, has said must be reversed in order to make progress. (NYSlimes)


hen seconds count, "Present" Øfascist is just weeks away. No comfort, of cøurse, for the families of all the innocent children who've been killed because he lied when he promised "I would listen to (U.S.) commanders on the ground."

“Our hope — our prayer — is that this President will finally listen. Listen to the Generals.”
– Dingy Harry Reidtard
Senate Hajority misLeader
January 2007

Will he listen to our allies' commanders on the ground, at least?

Nein. But he's definitely going to listen to the Taliban commanders on the ground.

In his own words,

It is a bit unseemly that General Casey McChrystal is being made the scapegoat for... a failed strategy dictated by the civilian leadership in the White House. The President, Vice President and other civilian officials set forth an unworkable strategy with inadequate resources and did not listen to the advice of generals on the ground. They are the ones ultimately responsible for the current situation in Iraq Afghanistan. I hope General Casey McChrystal will get more support for his new mission, which is so important to the country. I want to see General Casey McChrystal use his experience in Iraq Afghanistan to ensure that the civilian leadership in Washington understands the challenges faced and resources needed by today's Army.

So when His Dangerously Incompetent Øfascismness is arrested for treason, the law enforcement officer should add this to the Miranda warning: "Anything you have said can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion, if not a court of law."

Petulant Øfascist's miserable failure of an alleged strategy in Afghanistan can be summed up in seven words: "Aid and Comfort Our Enemies, Not Us."

After months in office and bringing in a top commander to lead the war in Afghanistan the administration is now reading two books and discussing strategy with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. This provides no comfort to those with loved one on the ground and in the thick of infested Taliban and al-Qaeda provinces. Obama "leadership" is now officially an America disgrace and allies are backing out.

What happened to his vaunted "War of Necessity"?

That's what the families of all the innocent children who've been killed in Afghanistan are angrily asking.

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