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Terrorists almost as stupid as liberals


The only reason the former are smarter is because they think that what they're doing might be helping them defeat us. Liberals have never stopped to think that what they themselves are doing actually is.

o they want to make us angrier? Is that their goal? Because if it is, it's about the dumbest and most useless one they've had so far.

Our resolve, we and our enemy both know, is the key to America's total victory or total surrender in this war they started. Each of them is willing to wait up to a decade or more if they have to to finish the job of destroying and killing more and more Americans in their workplaces or in their beds until our country finally capitulates, withdraws, and feels helpless while they build up—undisturbed—their capacity to defeat us even worse the next time. The terrorists are in this for the long haul. Unfortunately for them, America has (until recently, one could argue) been perfecting the art of The Long Haul since Day 1.

Terrorists want attrition, we'll give it to them. It'll be the same kind we used two centuries ago to drive forever from our shores the mightiest standing army and navy this world had then ever seen, plus the kind we used last century to turn four of the world's worst-ever totalitarian regimes—from Rome, Berlin, and Tokyo and finally to Moscow—into nothing more than bad memories and good lessons for whoever wishes us well or ill. That's what Americans mean by attrition.

Keep reading the New York Times, al-Zarqawi, and believe that what you find in its pages reflects the entire state of my nation's resolve. Take comfort in it. Relish it. Clip out its headlines and use your Made-in-USA GlueStick® to paste each one inside your growing scrapbook of death and destruction.

Soon we'll be sending you another Made-in-USA product. But it won't be any treasonous screed or what's needed to fasten it down.

It'll be almost as loud and as hot as where you'll wind up after it causes you to leave this planet for good. Then the families and friends of Nick Berg, the four Marines in Ar Ramadi, Kim Sun-il, and all the other souls who were only there trying to help Iraqis make their country a better place to live when your Kufr Adh-Dhabih bi Ghairillah band of cowards murdered them, as well as of the much, much larger number of Iraqi Muslim children, women, and men you sacrificed in any of the ninety-nine names of Allah, will cut out that headline for their scrapbooks and know that it means their loved ones didn't die in vain because Iraq took one giant leap closer to true peace and freedom.

The Marines, too, will make good use of your precious Times after it runs that headline. They'll use it to wrap up whatever piece of you that's left which they can find, toss them both in the nearest dumpster, and fling in—right on top of that bundle—moldering, maggot-infested bags of pork grinds.

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