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The fourth young Muslim in America


You die, infidel! Allahu akbar...*BOOM*


hree young Muslims walk into an American bar. The first orders a Bloody Mary, the second a Jack Daniels, and the fourth *BOOM!* ...I mean, the third orders a Tom & Jerry. "Hey," said the bartender, "all seven of you seem to be well adjusted."

A young Muslim on his first skydive jumps from an American airplane, but his parachute fails to open. Another young Muslim, jumping from the same airplane a few seconds later, sees the trouble and accelerates his freefall to catch up with the first young Muslim skydiver. Once he does they both grab hold of each other. Then the second young Muslim skydiver pulls his ripcord, but his parachute also fails to open. A fourth young Muslim skydiver slits the throat of the airplane's pilot and *BOOM* ...I mean, a third young Muslim skydiver who's above them sees the trouble and accelerates his own freefall to catch up with the other two. After he reaches them, all three grab hold of one another. Then the third young Muslim skydiver pulls his ripcord. His parachute opens and they all descend safely to the ground. "Hey," said the skydiving instructor running up to them, "are you three so content and assimilated that none of you felt you needed a backup parachute?"

Three young Muslims are begging on the sidewalk of an American street. Several passersby put coins in the first one's cup and he smiles. Another group of passersby put coins in the second one's cup and he smiles. The last group of passersby notice the fourth one's bomb belt and *BOOM!* ...I mean, they put coins in the third one's cup and he smiles. "Hey," said one of the young Muslims, "you'd be smiling too after getting coins from chumps who didn't realize you're actually in the middle class!"

Four young Muslims are selected to attend the Dhimm al'Qrat National Convention as party delegates. Three have already arrived. The fourth, obviously late, hurries inside and rushes onto the very crowded convention floor then *BOOM* ...I mean, then tells the other three, "Hey, I'd have gotten here a whole lot sooner but I thought only New York City had taxis, not Denver."

As bad as these jokes are, they're Chris Rock Class compared to the laughable headlines nearly every news propaganda outfit outside of Moscow used to "report" a major survey showing that one in four young Muslims in America believe "homicide bombings to defend their religion are acceptable at least in some circumstances."

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